Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rewind 2012!

I believe 2012 must be a wonderful year to you. Lots of things happened to me and i've tried many things as well. Let's see!


I decided to cut off my long long fringe that i've been keeping for 3 years, i think. Barber asked me to have bangs cause i have a long-typed face. I've been dilemma for long long time ago. Fringe is pretty troublesome for schoolgirl like me. you have to fix it in time, else it would be growing longer and longer.

Tried this out at my neighbor's house on last day of 2012. It's been a long time i didn't BBQ. I still remember i used to BBQ after swimming at people's condo when i was a kid. it was so fun and warm BBQ-ing beside the pool with soaking body.

#Skin care review
For those who check out my blog in time, I'm sure you mostly read about skin care product during holidays. To be honest, it's hard to write bout skin care product. I wasted lots of time on it. But i've been wanting to do this since the first month of 2012. Now i got a chance, why not i take the challenge? what matter is i wanna share how awesome and useful are them!!! you can still read them of you haven't check them out. haha! 

#New hobby
I've got a new hobby and my wish has come true!
tadaaaa! GUITAR IS MY NEW HOBBY! I wish to play guitar since when i was 13. However, me was still a student, no enough cash to buy a guitar, capo, pick...I love guitar cause i think it's super cool when you sing while strumming the guitar like those youtubers you see who have their own cover on youtube. 

2012 was ended. I'm sure we all have been thru the hard, sad, frustrated time. Lots of memories you made with your friends, family. and of course, you've changed. Maybe physical or mental? lol just saying. no offense. So, forget the sad stuffs and move on! Never give up! Let's make 2013 to be even better instead of hoping it would be awesome! :D

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