Sunday, December 30, 2012


I felt bored being at home especially during holidays like NOW. You guys must be crazy bout APPLE product right? ''an apple a day, keep the doctors away" lolllll

Now Iphone5, the latest one is freshly outttt! I'm sure you all are finding a way to make it into YOURS right??? To me, I think Iphone5 is much more better than I4. Not because it has bigger screen, it also has iSight camera with panaroma!!! 

"With 8 megapixels, advanced optics, and a new panorama feature, the iSight camera on the iPhone 5 is able to capture more of what you see. You're now able to move the iPhone's camera across a scene you're interested in with up to 240 degrees of freedom. The gyroscope, A6 chip, and Camera app work together to create one seamless shot. And with a resolution of up to 28 megapixels, every shot is stunning." 

Omg, this is so COOL! Youtube can prove it!

 Now, CELCOM has offer a huge saving plan which helps you to save a lil money while enjoying different advantages! With Celcom First Plan, you can save up to RM1921 and the data volume up to 6.2GB!! Plus total monthly rebate can up to RM1210!!! 

Want to save more? kindly log on to to know more! Gonna grab an Iphone when I'm rich enough...but i wonder when is it...:(

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmasssss to you!!!
How you celebrate your Christmas this year? Family? Friends? Alone?
Lollll! No biggie!
Cause I spent the day with my dearest family!
Although i didn't buy myself anything, but i'm still being grateful and thankful to god for giving me everything...
shit! don't even know what i'm saying.
ahhhhh! Just wanna wish my readers a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS.
ya, i know just a few people are reading my blog.
Shitty me.
Anyway, I'll try my BEST to make my blog looks more interesting than before. Haha!
Thanks for supporting me! :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Etude House guys!

Do you ever feel your face is not moistful enough? I always do so! Plus, sometimes i'm afraid of selecting a skincare product, cause you dont really know what effects does it has. And I'm wondering does it really THAT good like what the advertisement, leaflets say???

However, I've found my trusted brand! It's.....
I love etude house because they sells good product and really effective! Etude House is quite popular in Korea. And of course, its products are all from KOREA!!! Trust-able! :D

Here comes their WONDER PORE FRESHNER!!

It claims:
1. Deep cleanses pores. 
2. Maintain ph 4.5 +1
3. Control a large amount of the sebum 
4. Minimize appearance of pores 
5. Refine the skin tones
6. Keep the elasticity of pores 
7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin
7 in 1 Total Pore solution in a 500ml bottle!!! So how can you resist it??
Still, it is also claimed as:
- Anti Pore-Dex complex, which is I refer to anti demodex...  Demodex folliculorum is a species of face mite. This is one of the parasitic/commensal face mites that occur on people, These mites are found in the human hair follicles, normally found in greater numbers around the cheeks, eyebrows, eyelashes, forehead, and nose, and live in our pores and hair follicles..(source : wikipedia)... It is one of acne causing. 
- Astringentlex, which is for minimize appearance of pores... as freshner and astringent.

Steps to apply:
 This is what attracted me, the pump! 
 Get a cotton pad, press on the pump dispenser 2-3 times. 

 Wipe your face from the center to the outside, which means outward. Then. gently patting the leftover freshner.
You can carry the freshner in a mist type container and apply it when there is too much sebum or when you feel itchy.

I've been using it for quite sometime, maybe like half years. I think it's really effective! the pores get smaller and my skin gets even more moisture! Trust me, you wont feel regret once you started using it!
Rating: 5 over 5!!! 

Next, let's welcome SKIN MALGEM deep moist!

"Malgem or ‘malgeum’ is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas"

Etude House Skin [Mal:Gem] Deep Moist is a hypoallergenic toner for those with very dry skin. It’s milky like texture allows the moisturizing properties to penetrate so deep and effectively, that additional moisturizers are not needed. Soybean extracts nourish skin sufficiently, improving overall skin condition. While pore controlling properties make skin clear and smooth by reducing their appearance.

Instruction in Korean. (don't get what it says. translation took from somewhere)
it says "step 1: use the wiping-type of skin malgem (fresh, smoother)" which is the toner, and then "step 2: use absorbing-type of skin malgem (moist, deep moist,essential)" which is like a moisturizing product. 

the right picture says "using the mist whenever your skin feels dry without having to wash your face and perform your entire skin care routine."

So let's check out how i use it! 
cut out three pieces of soft cotton. (from Etude House too)
 Soak Skin Malgem soft cotton pads with Skin Malgem Deep Moist, put directly on dry parts of skin. ( forehead and cheeks )
Remove pads after 30 seconds for best long lasting moist effect.
Then, gently massage your face until it's fully absorbed.
 (I'm suck at this! idk how to put on the cotton. and it was like way too 'dry'. wtf!)
 after the patting and soaked pads.
Is it clear enough for you to check? I'm a dummy at photoshooting. lollll

to me, Deep Moist is pretty oily. idk why. i just felt oily although my face brighten up and moistfull after applying it. But it totally worths for me to buy it.
Rating: 3 over 5!

 It makes me feel fresh everytime I apply it. No doubt, go get it at any Etude House branches! Plus, it's so huge! guess sister and i can't even finish it in a year! haha :D
look at me now! Moistfull and bright skin after the Wonder Pore Freshner and Malgem Deep Moist!!! Yay! a good day!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, lil bro!

Happy Birthday, Vine!
Hell yeah his my bro!
Last "party" before doomsday??
well i guess not.
Cause the day is just same as usual. No any differences.
Kinda curious how does doomsday looks like... NO SUN? SNOW IN MALAYSIA?
Sighh... I don't give a damn bout it as long as i die with my love ones.
I think most of the people are excited bout 21.12.12, aren't they?
#endoftheworld is trending on twitter and facebook. lollll
I don't wanna die so soon actually.
I've got lots of things i wanna try on.
I gotta chase my dreams!
I wanna love and play hard!

Anyway, I'm here just to update my dead blog.
And, to my bro, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!
see! I've dedicated a post for you! You are the one who should thank me!

I'll find what I am looking for someday, wait and see! #leos

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naughty or Nice: Part 2

Hey, guys! welcome to my blog again! Now, this is the part 2 of the "Naughty or Nice-DIY". Let's see what i've done!

 Decorate my DIY tops with studs! i love studs! 

 How does it looks like? Naughty or nice enough???

 Dark denim from F21. Super cheap i tell you!!!

I'm a studs lover. they are addictive! Things with studs are what i like the most. I know i'm not a ROCKER or SWAGGER, but i can't resist their swagness!

Those studs were bought at Fahrenheit if i'm not mistaken. Cause my sister bought it for me. What i know is a pack of THAT golden studs (20 pieces) costs RM10. Pretty expensive right? One studs costs like 50 cents lehh! However, it is affordable to me. You have to sew this yourself so it won't falls that easy.  Because some studs aren't strong enough. they just "grab" on clothes with their "legs". I mean it will be lost or dropped very easily.

So, think twice before buying something although we may lost our mind when sales are on! lollll

Monday, December 17, 2012

Naughty or Nice: part 1

"Naughty or Nice'' would be my brand if I became a designer...lolll

Two more weeks to go till the school reopen. I don't really like this feeling. I haven't get myself ready to face the most important exam yet! Plus I just can't get enough! Sigh... Won't be able to blog like this next year. Cause you know, homework, exams, revision, stress.....

SOOOO! I decided to do what i wanted to do during this short period. Like designing or DIY. i just love them! DIY is a best and smart way to save money and improve the appearance and usage of a thing. As I said before, I'm broke and jobless, so i decided to DIY my old Tee into a brand new SWAGGIE SLEEVELESS TOPS. let's check it out!

 First, trace or sketch the stuff you wanted to be on the tee on a piece of hardboard. Hardboard is harder compare to paper, so it will stay still on the tee, make the painting step goes easier.
(was my first-time-ever. So i used paper. still dont get the steps! just do it roughly :/)

 Second, cut the inner stuff out. then place the hardboard on the tee by using cellophane tape.
(stick the cellophane beside the cardboard)

Third, paint it using a brush with the paint that impermeable. 
(I painted it with wall-paint :( no choice.)

 Here's the result! does it look nice or swag??

 Next, cut the sleeves out using scissor. 

okay! sleeveless 'naught or nice' is done :D

I hate this bling bling "club"! i can't remove it! it's an eyesore and it's ruining the swagness of the tee!

Btw, I spent 4 hours to finish them. It was pretty fun and awesome experience. Most of the time i spent is on the painting side. I used paper instead of hardboard so the paper moved away and the words became like shit, so messy! I got no brush at first, and so i used cotton buds instead. i'm so smart lehhh! boh bian, leos are intelligent. lollll

If you do think it being too PLAIN, you can stay tune to my next post. I'll be adding some stuff onto it to make it more 'classy and swag' :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

okay. gonna post bout one of my favourite skin products' brand. let's see what is it...

It's NEUTROGENA!!! they are from hydro boost family! lollll

"The number one dermatologist-recommended brand for skincare, Neutrogena began in 1930 as a small specialty cosmetic company in Los Angeles, California. After successfully marketing a mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily without leaving any residue, the company went further to establish an important relationship between Neutrogena and dermatologists, giving it an exceptional competitive advantage. Today, Neutrogena continues its tradition of excellence with a wide range of safe, mild, and premium quality skincare and haircare products under the banner of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies."

First, it's water gel moisturizer.

Ive been using this for quite sometime. And the results are good! i mean it dont cost you much and moisturize your skin as well! so why dont you give a try?

With innovative "Progressive Release System", Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel replenishes and retains water all day long. Its refreshing gel formula with purified Hyaluronic acid and olive extract continuosly releases moisture, making it available to dry skin cells for soft. 

Moreover, it's a excellent make up base which keep your make-up in place. next, light-weight and non-greasy. I feel like nothing after applying them though only feel the stickiness when i touch it. Plus no breakouts when using it.

so here's how it looks like.

After applying water gel :) i dont think got any differences... maybe my camera skills are not pro enough.>< 

Now, the next one.
the Neutrogena night concentrate!

The world know i'm a lazy person. I always find myself some excuses to the things i dont feel like doing. I always tell myself to put on mask at lease twice a week. But i just ignored it. too lazy :(  that's why my skin getting drier and wrinkles start appearing on my face! And so i need a skin care product which can helps to hydrate my skin. And tadaaaa! It's Neutrogena's night concentrate! :D especially for those wonder women who always been busy for their life, you could consider to buy it! like me, I seldom stay under air-conditioned room, so, hydration is probably the first condition for me when selecting my skin care products.

Neutrogena Night Concentrate specially formulated with Neutrogena's smart Progressive Release System, which actively seeks out dry skin cells to replenish moisture in them throughout the night. As skin cells renew night, the Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Extract and Ionic Mineral Complex help to make the most out of the cell regenerating process, therefore boost skin's renewal capacity so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft and supple skin in the morning.

And most importantly, it is:
-and dermatologist-tested

Well, it has a gel texture that won't clog the pores and the blue particles will dissolve as you gently message it on skin.

How to use: Before sleep, message evenly over the face and neck after moisturizer and rinse off in the next morning. Recommended to be used twice a week, although also suitable for daily use.

nah, moistful and it brighten up my face! ^^
 my face condition in the next morning. :D
 close up! pretty no idea how to zoom in. once i zoomed in, the picture became blur. wth!

I highly recommended you these HYDRO BOOST products that will make you skin MOISTFULLLL and affordable. So hope you guys like it! enjoy! dont forget to grab it at any stores like guardian, watson....!
I love Neutrogena. I love Hydro Boost series!