Monday, October 6, 2014

Heaven of Strawberry!

as you know, i was in Cameron Highland few weeks ago.  Well, the journey was pretty rough overall as the road is curvy and involve lots of turning. however, the weather there was cold and windy as kept raining all the time. Ive eaten lots of vege and fruits when i was there. as you know cameron highlands were all about organic vege and fresh fruits! it's a must try product over there! Like I've mentioned before, I had went there once before this trip. Just a small reminder, it was pretty jam on the hill-way to cameron highlands and also back. so, kindly check the status before heading over there. hahahah!

back to the topic, cameron highlands is the perfect place for cold weather and nature lover! Well what you need to do when you're there is try their steamboat, visit lavender garden, tea garden, strawberry garden, night market...! however i don't encourage to overnight >3 days. Cameron highlands is small, they don't really have much fun activities there. Their scenery, fresh air organic product are the point of journey. Basically, it is more suitable for the elder. 

But, for the teenager/ girls like us, we will have whole lots of activities there which is : selfie!!!! lol!

so yip, its kinda short and quick post here btw. hope it won't annoyed you! enjoy!