Saturday, January 31, 2015

Simple yet tasty!

This post is gonna be short. so lets begin! Have you heard of Teh Tarik? I bet you do if you're a malaysian! So, how bout Teh Tarik Place? It is basically an upgraded local mamak stall which malaysian usually head there for simple local food or drinks like milo, teh tarik, kopi o, nasi lemak, mee goreng.... and more!!! It just like a local mamak! so cool! 

 They have unique kind of decoration that looks so malaysia! simple and typical ambience. 

Ordered Milo kosong fro myself , teh ais limau for bro and also teh si kosong for dad (if im not mistaken)

Plus food and beverage there aren't expensive at all! It's worth to check out or spend time with colleagues or friends!

for more inquiry kindly visit their page on Facebook and also Official website :)

And here comes kids and sweet tooth's fav - DONUTS!!!!Speaking of donut, i used to eat it with sugar topped on it only. means no colourful decorations, no drawings, no unique flavours... But now, everything changes right? TV changes from bnw into UHD! Keypad changes into touched-screen! Anyway, Donuts from Big Apple will still be my one-of-the-fav! It has many choices, unique flavours and fun designs! Thanks Pey Pey who bought this for my family :) hehe. thanks so much! was so paiseh as she keeps treating me food!

Starting with top left to right. 
Pink Twister - The combination of strawberry and chocolate 
Wakeup Wally - Crunchy outside while soft inside!
The Alien - Chocolate dip and filling inside out 
Ono Oreo - Obviously, it's all about oreo! ( one of my fav! )
Chocoholic - Double boost of chocolate for those who love chocolate!
Milky Way - Complementing flavours collide with tea or cheese

Big Apple has branches at most of the shopping complex. Be sure to like them on Facebook and visit their official website for more inquiry!

Last, my #whatiwaswearing #ootd

Denim jacket - Denim 
Top - I love selfie
Legging - Zara

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Five Sen5es.

Headed to Five Sen5es @ The Westin to celebrate my uncle's birthday. We've been there few times to enjoy their Dim Sum Buffet as brunch. mostly on Sunday. They have lots of cantonese food choices like dim sum, porridge, noodle, fried rice, roasted meats, tarts, desserts....etc, and what matter is the food are different everyday! So basically, people won't get bored to eat there. Private rooms are also available!

Weekday Dim Sum buffet is priced at RM68++ while Weekend Dim Sum buffet is at RM88++. Enjoy 15% discount by signing up as a member of Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). Enrollment is easy, quick and free! Click HERE, to become a SPG member!

We ordered about 8 buckets of 'xiao long bao'! they were just too nice. couldn't resist our temptations!

Trust me, this can be the nicest Chocolate Mousse Cake (if I'm not mistaken) i've ever tried!!! It taste slightly bitter which suitable for not-too-sweet lover! It was super soft and it melted right after entered your mouth! PERFECT!!! Unfortunately, i only got to taste it for 2 bites, cause' my family had all of it.

Find it:

Five Sen5es
Level 1, The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 

199 Jalan Bukit Bintang,

55100 Malaysia.

Opening hours:   Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch:   12.00pm - 2.30pm
Dinner:   6.00pm - 10.00pm

Contact them:
03 - 2731 8333



 Do i really look like a korean? seriously??

 Groupie with sister!

 "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground"

#iwaswearing #ootd

Long sleeves top - From Bangkok
kicks - Vincci 
Cap - Hater
Bag - From Bangkok as well

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Caffe Bene with gang!

It's been a veryyyy long time i didn't hang out with friends and how great it was to meet my ex classmates before new year!!! I just missed them so much!! It was hard to organise such outing as we all get busy during uni life. fml! anyway, we could hardly get the chance to meet up and spend some time together, talking about life. felt so good after meeting them. 

Since we've never tried caffe bene before, we decided to chill right there before leaving and of course do some nasty, crazy and happy things - selfie
psss, i was the driver and cameraman that day. how cool was it hey! no offence. 

In case you are wondering, Caffe Bene is actually composed of the Italian word 'Caffee' with the suffix 'bene' which means GOOD or "Good Cafe". Caffe Bene is the largest coffeehouse in South Korea in terms of the number of stores. 

Caffe Bene not only selling brewed coffee, beverages, pastries...etc, it also features Misugaru which 'consists of black sesame seeds, black bean, black and brown rice and barley'. 

Nice ambience and comfy design! suitable for students and businessmen to relax or teatime!

Speaking of Bingsu, Caffe Bene has offered lots of choice for customers, so they can try different types and flavour of bingsu at the same time. There are mainly five flavours of bingsu which are strawberry, cookies&cream, green tea, coffee and pat bingsu. You can chose the size of the bingsu depends on how many people you sharing with. 

Gelato Green Tea Waffle 
If you're craving for cold stuff under a hot and sweaty weather, then i highly recommend to pick their Gelato Waffle. The combinations of a warm and freshly made waffle with a big scoop of chosen Gelato ice cream is just perfectly fine! The moment it entered your mouth, the sense of cold yet warm triggered your taste buds.... it was beyond nice! seriously, i have never tried such classic waffle before. Totally out of my expectation! honestly, i would like to take more bites by that time, but i was awkward you know, we are girls, girls don't do that! its rude ya! lol! just kiddin'  Caffe Bene also has few flavours when it comes to Gelato for instant, green tea (our choice), blueberry, espresso, vanilla, strawberry...

Pat Bingsu
We ordered one of the most unique and best seller Pat Bingsu because we were kinda curious how did it tasted like. Apparently, it was made with shaved-ice, red bean paste, baked almond, peanut flakes and topped up with tteok ( Korean rice cake. It was a bit like Malaysian Mua Ji. )  Overall taste was good. but sadly i'm not a almond person, or else i'll def fall for it! I recommend large cup for up to 5 persons of sharing. trust me, it is HUGE! 

when we got wifi...

 She just in love with Rubbermaid, doesn't she?

So glad to meet them... let's hope there's a second chance with no exceptions again!

In case you're wondering, i was using an app called 'Giddyfingers' which you can customise your photos by choosing from 100's of adorable icons and stickers. Tagging can be fun sometimes! 

They've got plenty of choices for you to chose!

Find it:

Caffe Bene (Sunway Pyramid branch)
Lot OB5, G-2 Oasis Boulevard, 
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. 

*there's also other branches at PJ, Solaris Mont Kiara, Gamuda walk, Gurney Paragon(Penang) and Terminal Pahlawan(Malacca)

Search it:

Official web:

Call them:
03 6143 6333