Sunday, July 29, 2012


headed to mid valley this evening. it was super jam around the area don't know why. well, we went there for nothing. thought of buying something but came up eating eating and eating! no wonder i'm getting fatter. +.+ but how? i need foods, foods need me, we are having a serious relationship! you can't tear us apart! lolll

first i took duck rice somewhere at kuchai. then eaten burger king right after arrived. we choosen burger king because they are having their promotion! just only 5.95 along with drinks and french fries!

burgers offered:
Whopper Jr. , Mushroom Swiss, Spicy chick N crisp and Grilled chicken.
*limited time only *comes with medium set

next, we had snowflake as our dessert. good news is they have bring you a new addition to the Snowflake dessert family-Ocha'ryo!

it's a perfect combination of premium green tea, black sesame, azuki red bean and baby pearl. so i've decided to have a try, taste something different. we ordered Ocha'ryo and sea amber jelly cause my sister never tried them before. Ocha'ryo is so so for me since i'm not a greentea lover. it's worth to try for those who loves green tea. for sea amber jelly, it's nice! really!

last ootd!

tops from style me BK and high waist pants from BK too

bye! have to go for dinner! hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

BB's concert, I'm coming!

28/7. do you know how much it means to me? yes, big bang's tix is on sale! i thought i couldn't get the tickets as 688,488's tix were sold out less than 2 hours. but i was so lucky! my sister and i went to rock corner at 1 Utama to ask if they still left some tix. and they told us 'YES" ! omg! i was super happy and shocked! i think we were most probably the last 10. we wanted VIP at first, but then...just fine, as long as i can listen to their voice LIVE! i'm looking forward to the day when they came to our city!  

then we had a great dinner with my neighbor at 52 restaurant, somewhere at Semenyih. the foods were quite nice though. this was the second time we've been there. so let the picture do the job.

anti-social world. everyone was busy tapping their phone.

my favourite dish! thumbs up!

both of them are my favourite! a must-try dish!

lastly, my outfit of the day. 
neon nike kick from HK, dark blue shorts from BK and tops from F21


well' i'm not here for complaining but i'm so upset that i can't earn any from nuffnang. something goes wrong with my blog or what? i got no idea.

now i'm trying to blog everyday as exam is around the corner. gonna study very hard! promise myself not going to be the second-last anymore!

going to man. city's training this sunday. EXCITED! honestly, i don't really like them much. cause i'm on chealsea team. i support chealsea. and of course, MU is their enemy. MU, Man. United. i dont like MAN MAN. so just go for fun as my father got us the tix.

btw, thanks for your vote on adidas originals! thanks so much although im not the first 20. lol

 last, Olympic Games is begins in London! so, support malaysia team by clicking ! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small Fights

love drawing this lately. how do you guys think about my drawings? is it nice? haha! nah, that's not from my own creativity, i was just copying from somewhere. 

i do think this is funny cause women really do so. haha! like me and my sis. yea, we fight somtimes and quite often. like the day before yesterday, we argued due to some not-that-serious problems. i believe that every schools are ended early because of puasa. so, means that we have to wait like 2 hours before we can get home. well, that kills us! i ask her whether she could stay back till 3.30 or not as i have my chemistry tuition as well. but she talked to me in a bad way (loud voice) in front of the people like i've did something that's so not right! i tried to help her by asking mom to call van auntie to fetch my sister at 2pm but after that, she was like NO! I promised my friends to watch something! OK! FINE! then i started crying. just like that, we didnt talk for two days...i know it was not supposed to be this way, but those who have had sisters know what it is like to be with them. Like them or fight them, but you can't ignore them. Sisters can sometimes be nosy and irritating! They seem to know how to pester you till you feel surly. But would our childhood be any fun without sisters? I don't think so. 

'She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child.' - Barbara Alpert

Monday, July 23, 2012

15 million likes!

All 15 million of you. And to celebrate our 15 million mark, we want to thank you with a little somethin’ somethin’ for keeping it real all year, showing your love on Facebook while representing originality around the world. So, just click on the follow me to fame then zoom in and out to spot yourself. Or log on to to check out more! 

so can you spot yourself or your friends? 

Be Part Of Adidas Insiders

lately, i found out something cool about Adidas. and yes, it is ADIDAS INSIDER. 
are you all in?

so let's see what's adidas insiders.

adidas Insiders is a private online community designed to connect young adidas fans to each other and to the adidas brand. If you are between the ages of 14-19, and this community sounds like the place for you.

As an adidas Insider, you will get the chance to influence the future of adidas!
  • Be the first to see selected new shoes, apparel, gear and accessories
  • Rate and review our design ideas - and get creative and submit your own
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  • Meet other adidas fans from around the world!

Joining is free, participation is fun, and your opinion is valued... so what are you waiting for?! You'll get the first look at some of our gear and the chance to win some wild prizes.

first, log on to this website, then, click the all in button to answer a few easy questions.If you qualify to be an adidas Insider, you'll be asked to create a username/password and then to activate your account via the email address you provide.

PS. If you want to invite your friends, don't give them the link you see in your browser bar, give them this link:

Friday, July 20, 2012


Sleep in class today. Too tired and sleepy. Plus, the weather lately is cold! A right time for us to sleep.

Well, one of my friend and i skipped class today cause our mandarin teacher were absent. We killed the time by wander round the school. Plus, searching for handsome guys! I know i know. I know im so over-searching and addicted to hot guys. Haha! In fact, you can see the REAL me when butterfly is in my stomach.

Last but not lease, do remember to vote me at ADIDAS ORIGINALS APP! Thank you again for reading my blog! :D

Oh ya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PEEP, AUDREY!!! Gone crazy and rock the world while we are still young! Haha! And of course, 16 is considered as young... Wild child!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you the Bookworm, the Jock or the Class Clown?

PMR may be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should be studying 24/7!

In fact, your life needs to be in order so that you’ll breeze through the exams just fine. Take a break and test your time-juggling skills with Astro Tutor TV Otak Otak Facebook game!

 and it's quite simple to play!
be careful! it's a challenge for me even though easy.

my result after trying few times... quite good! yeah! and i'm rock and playful!

So come on! Help yourself by helping Otak get the right balance of study, play, eat and sleep as he prepares for his exam, and find out what your study personality is! 

Monday, July 16, 2012


tomorrow's sports day and i'm so so excited although i'm not taking part in it. i know your mind now is popping out  "didn't you said youre in 100m & 4x100m?". and yes, i am, logically. cause i've signed up for that! but they never tell me about what im participating. yup, that's a big problem for me! they always tell me last minute so i cant get fully prepared most of the time. poor me...

now i got no idea should i go or not as i'm a back-upper. and so, they told me i must be there, at school tomorrow! 25 buses will be there waiting for us!!! okay, that's all! hopefully it will be fun!

 p/s: don't let me down! ive been waiting for this so long ago!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


hope you like it! :D

Leave Your Legacy by Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals is having a 'All Originals, Leave A Legacy' street style challenge! i saw this accidentally while i was blog-walking on Nuffnang! i'm a fan of Adidas Originals, so how can i miss it out! as you know, i've recently bought an adidas originals firebird track pant from 1 Utama. and so, it's such a waste if i didnt take part in it.

just show them your ORIGINAL STREET STYLE by upload of yourself rockin' an original look or try out on their latest collection and pimp it up on their unique in-store photo stage. the following stores are at pavilion, KLCC, mid valley and 1Borneo. of course, MYR 15,000 worth of adidas voucher will be given away to the top 20 submissions with the most votes!!! besides that, the deadline of the contest is on 24 July 2012. so hurry up! if youre interested, quickly upload any photos of yourself wearing adidas Originals!

lastly, don't forget to vote me by clicking here and here! cause i wanna to win this so bad! thanks again for your support! oh, btw, you can also vote once a day if you like it. :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Web apps for Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo taking and sharing application for Apple’s iPhone. You can basically use it to take snapshots with the phone’s camera and send them directly to sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. It comes with other social features that make it that more enticing to a crowd that likes to socialize on the web. The photos have a distinct look and feel which may be one of the reasons for the application’s popularity (besides from being free). 

now Singapore based team of developers named A-FIS has just added a new feature to Webstagram, a highly acclaimed Instagram web viewer developed by the company. so, people can check out the latest photos through web.  


Webstagram is one of the most popular web-based Instagram apps with lots of
options, like viewing your feed, browsing random images and follow buttons. One of 
the things I like most about the app is it tells you which filters your friends have
been using, which is great if you need some inspiration and want to recreate
certain looks.

You also get your own Webstagram URL, so if you want to share your images
with people who don't have the Instagram app, this is an ideal way to do that.

besides that, also have lots of web apps for Instagram too! here they are...

Inkstagram is probably one of the slickest and best looking Instagram web apps,
which presents your feed and your personal photos in a grid-like format.

The app itself is pretty intuitive and very similar to the mobile version with most of
the same functionality, such as browsing likes, changing your settings and following
new people.
Instagreat lets you browse streams of content, so choose from popular photos,
those in your feed or your personal ones and then flick through from side to side.
It's a bit of a different take on the Instagram web app and is much more about
browsing than using any other functionality.
remember to follow ME! :) have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4 feet 9 !

when i can only be 160cm? i wanted to be that tall, but because of my genes... that's impossible! I feel so low self-esteem everywhere i go. my friends are all so tall. and obviously, i'm the shortest one. being tall is good. clothes fit them so well especially those beach dress or long dress.

i'm consider short in this world, so i try hard to grow up even tall. even if 5cm, i would still be very grateful! i know being short is quite benefits me sometimes, but, most of the time, tall is better. sighhh... i don't mind being 155cm. as long as i've grown more than 5cm...

however, reality force me to believe i can't grow anymore...

well, i just have to accept it. if you want to know the reasons, try to ask people who study biology, perhaps they will tell you. if you don't mind, help me to ask 'how to become taller at 16' . thank you! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012


hey i just met you, and this is crazy!

this school is awesome! school ends 12.30 on Thursday. and one thing i almost forgot, their wushu concert! my sister attended but not with me. cause i'm not interested in martial arts. my sister told me that im going to be regret and now i am! i thought it was hot and crowded there and so i didn't went for it plus i'm broke! missed it missed it!

all i'm waiting for is SPORTS DAY! as i said in the previous post, i'm taking part in 100m and 4x100m running. so i'm gonna win it no matter what! nah, just kiddin'! in fact, i'm afraid that we didn't get elected. if we did, then what i've been expecting was just a dream...

Sunday, July 8, 2012


what reminds you of dessert? cake? sweets? chocolate? pudding? we choose to treat ourselves with desserts when we are stressful cause did you notice, desserts spelled backwards is stressed! and yes, im gonna blog about ice-cream which is made from 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, no artificial flavorings, no colorings, no gelatin, no animal fat related emulsifiers.

well, it is an Italian traditional ice-cream named GELATOMIO! Their milk based ice cream is average 94% fat-free while the water based ice cream is 99% fat free! plus, there's no compromise in our product quality, even 5 star hotels & restaurants in Malaysia recognises and support our product. most importantly, it is Halal-certified!

cookies&cream and passion flavored
mango flavored
passion and raspberry flavored

i've tried cream&cookies, passion, mango and raspberry. but i prefer passion. cause i love how it tasted, sweet and sour... as i mentioned before, it made from 100% natural ingredients! so you can taste the real juice when it melts. nice! healthy temptation, natural indulgence... you can find gelatomio lounge at pavilion and times square. 

sincerely hope it won't fade away...forever...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Oh gosh! this movie is driving me crazy although it is Thai. but i like their story , it's quite similar to 'You Are The Apple Of My Eyes" by Giddens. This movie is about an ordinary 14 year old girl Nam. She's unattractive or in simple terms...ugly. But she's always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Shone, the most popular student in high-school. He's hot, perfect and generous, and that's what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn't give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.

Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok , the main actors. i wish they were couple in reality...

mario's crane dance
agogo dance
rollin dance
islander dance

i'm now madly in love with them! they are both so beautiful and cute! and this is why P'shone is my dream man. As you can see, his acting is so damn cute in the movie! Can't stand his cuteness and handsomeness! 

“Have you heard of the squid’s story? I’ll tell you. Once upon a time, they were two squids. They wandered in different places until they finally meet. Then, they fell in love and became a couple. Finally, they got married. On their wedding day, the squid priest told them to hold hands. So they held each others hands. Held hands, held hands, held hands, held hands, held hands.. I’ve never eaten squids for so long since I heard that story.”

lastly, crazy little thing called 2 is under negotiations right now, so be patient and excited! ^.^ Don't forget to watch it! it's a must especially for girls! you would fall for this movie! i meant it!

sign up for twitter and follow Baifern and Mario! please also support Mario Maurer's movie 'Suddenly It's magic'. it's confirmed that Baifern will have a special appearance in the movie " Suddenly its magic" together w/ erich and mario maurer.