Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4 feet 9 !

when i can only be 160cm? i wanted to be that tall, but because of my genes... that's impossible! I feel so low self-esteem everywhere i go. my friends are all so tall. and obviously, i'm the shortest one. being tall is good. clothes fit them so well especially those beach dress or long dress.

i'm consider short in this world, so i try hard to grow up even tall. even if 5cm, i would still be very grateful! i know being short is quite benefits me sometimes, but, most of the time, tall is better. sighhh... i don't mind being 155cm. as long as i've grown more than 5cm...

however, reality force me to believe i can't grow anymore...

well, i just have to accept it. if you want to know the reasons, try to ask people who study biology, perhaps they will tell you. if you don't mind, help me to ask 'how to become taller at 16' . thank you! :)

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