Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Chinese New Year!!! 

I'm currently in Penang right now. Yea, spending my precious time with loved ones. and finally i got time to blog at least something. lol. Was freaking lazy. Plus, my schedule was full almost everyday since we've got few function going on this month.  excuses again.

Now i've found something i pretty passionate about. coffee, guitar, skateboard, eat, shopping and sleep. sigh.... I have no idea which way should i go.

Gonna get myself a phone next month. Hopefully. Moreover, rearrange my schedule as well!!!! 

Here are pics i captured yesterday.

Last, wish you have an amazing horse year!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


a week after new year yea? was pretty busy these few days even though it was holidays. cause we still got training, deep cleaning…etc. lol! My friends know i'm a girl who loves to hang out. means, doesn't like being at home. However, i still love home and family. They're right. I'll keep that. :x

Just get over that shit and move on! Come alive babe!

Anyway, will tryna update often cause i got billion stuffs to share with you guys!!!!! plus, i got myself a new camera!!!!! *scream* I'm broke now just because of it!! will show you guys off very soon! haha!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year people!!!! I know i'm pretty late for that but at least I wished you! And I know you must be thinking where the hell i've been for quite a while, right? Yup… again. Excuses.
Honestly, I was busy working and also hanging out with friends. Yup. Co-workers. My restaurant was having a fine dining during christmas and also new year eve. Pretty complicated and tough. We were like in a battlefield every night especially on 24th of December! wtf! The tables were fully occupied and crowded. Anyway, I could feel the warmth and atmosphere. I felt happy when I saw the smile on their face. Very appreciate that they willing to spend their night in LeMoon's.  Creating great memories for us.