Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OH MY GOSH!!! LOGAN LERMAN is so damn handsome and gorgeous!!! I fell in love with him after I had watched percy jackson and the lightning bolt! hmm... Stop crapping. Let me show you how good-looking is him.

 I love this picture so badly!!!

 OMG! I kena electric shock...Xb

 So damn yeng!!! Will you protect me while i'm in danger???

 Are you a student? I'm wearing a specs too!

 What a handsome and gorgeous and cute guy?!

 You smile, I smile...

Percy Jackson!!!

It's killing me to see you smile!!!

You saw that?? aw~~~  is LOGAN LERMAN handsome??? I bet you will say "YES" !!! If you'd watched Percy Jasckson and The Lightning Bolt, you must have known that he was a demigod. Sons of  the sea-god, Poseidon. And he had to rescue his mom from Hades who was the god of underworld. Percy was so innocent! But anyway, that was just a movie. It's not real! Although it's not real, but I still believe that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are exist in this big world.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kungfu Panda 2

 YA~~~we are coming!

 wow! it's high here!


you must watch me at the theater, or else...

you get ready? ohh yeahh~

Boon and I wanted to watch KUNGFU PANDA so baddd! haha! So we had planned something as the holidays are going on. And i hope you guys know what i'm crapping about. Cause i'm now speechless. I got no idea what to blog about! aiks! But i'm sad to tell you that i can't watch KUNGFU PANDA with boon due to no transport! urghhh! I felt so sorry to boon... Hope she's fine as she knews she have to walk alone. hah! SORRY, BOON!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody!!! *cackle* feels like not going to school tomorrow.  sitting there, watching performance... what a boring teacher's day?! and though, we can't take any photos there. because...we were not allowed to bring our camera to school. haiz... must be verryyy verryyy boring!!! i can bet no one would go to school tomorrow. [maybe 100-500 students will go.... haha!] so.... i can start my happy holidays now obviously. and i'm sad to tell you that ma stupid, lousy television had gone wrong! urgh!!! could you tell me how can i spend my long long holidays with no television??? huh? how, readers???! i don't wanna be a freak, lying down on a bed or sofa or whatever, playing some games on computer. and noway! i won't let it be! WELL, it's alright! i've been planning to go the international book fair which having at THE MINES. anyway, just telephone me when you are planning some outing, alright? here my phone number: 01X-1234567. CALL ME!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think Positive!

我想请问你对 "最后一名" 有什么看法?



are you thinking what i'm thinking???
maybe yes, maybe not.

anyway, 我还是班上考得最差的一位学生! 




i'm so useless!
i'm the baddest female in this entire world!



think positive! : }

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Are You A Korean???"

went to pavilion, sungei wang and times square with ma friends just now. unfortunately, we can't did what we had actually planned. aw~~~ i had lost 8 bucks for buying the 18above's movie!!! what the hack?! and i'd swore i won't bought 18above's movie from theater anymore. well, i think i should stop this before i get very very mad! so let me show you guys some nice photo which we had took just now :

 ah boon's breakfast

 it looks tasty

but the bread is hard

don't know what they're doing. i'm alone at the other side.

this looks okay loh...

audrey and boon were caught on the camera!

evia looks pretty here. but she doesn't like it much.

what a PRO camerawoman!

black and white

this photo looks nice!

two little girl with same T-shirt

my beautiful model

i like their "star" wall

i love this photo so muccchhh!!!

this is capture by me!!!

evia looks so serious

what a nice pose!

try to guess who are them...

that's ma finger! and also ma SHINING STAR

audrey can't finished her yougurt ice-cream, cause she bought to much... kesiannya~~~

after that, jo, boon and audrey went back together by LRT and dump us at times square ALONE. haha! by the way, thanks to evia's friend for sending me to pavilion. kamsiah (thanks)!

honestly, i went to mid valley after that with ma lovely family. tired for searching them! but i felt so happy when i'm shopping. hah! do you know why? cause someone just asked me " ARE YOU A KOREAN? " while i'm watching evacuate the dance floor's music video. that moment i was like "how do i respond?" OMG!!! do i really look like a korean??? i'm so glad bout' that, obviously. haha!

lastly, i would like to shout " I LOVE TO KOREAN!!! " to all of the world!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


yea. that's sucks!

今天心情超级差! 想哭了。这都是因为成绩太差所造成的! 而且没一科是进步的!!! what the hell?! but, 有件事还是值得高兴的,那就是我的第六感超准的! 我所预测到的成绩都中耶! [除了国语]  唉~~~ 我最最最讨厌就是这种感觉。我也不懂我的PMR会考得怎样。或许一个甲都拿不到! 天啊~~~ 我该怎么办啊? 请你救救我吧!最惨的事还是我是班里历史考得最差的那一个!!! 可能地理也是吧。。。 哎~~~ 我快死了啦!!! 让你瞧瞧我目前为止的烂成绩吧!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  
|                                        |
             |     BM - C                       |              
|     SEJARAH - D            |
|     GEOGRAFI - C         |
|     MATH - A                 |
|     KH - B                       |
   | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |    

你说,这有多烂啊!!! 真是气死我了!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



                    i knew.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh No!!!

I'm back!!! Miss yer sooo mucchh! Can't wait to see you guys la weih! Ha ha! Tomorrow is a public holiday, so what you guys planning for? Now I'm planning to buy something that are very expensive. Yea! It is really expensive! Aiya! You won't understand if i just write like this. So let me show you...

ma wings hoodie!!!

aw~~ i want this!

Can someone buy me these stuff??? Please~~~as my birthday present! FINE! I knew what you are thinking. It's alright! I'll buy myself these stuff when I'm rich! Ha ha! 

Do you know i just came back from Penang? I knew you don't know. I got something special from there. It's a pen! A pen from KOREA!!!

this is what i got

 i had chosen this pen 

Is that nice??? I want the monkey ones. But, fine! I gave it to my brother. Ha ha! I'm kind. By the way, it's time to go. So... biong!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free To Fly~~~

i'm free! free to online, free to watch tv, free to update ma lovely blog....free to do everything i love!!! obviously, i'm just finished exam. not exactly. but anyway, i bet ma result will be very very bad this time. fine! it's alright! i'm going to ma hometown tomorrow or saturday. i'm not very sure bout' that. *cackle*

look! i'm too free!
i draw this during exam

i'm trying ma best not to tell you guys, but i can't stand anymore. should i tell you guys??? well, i'll tell you now. I NEED AN OUTING SO DESPERATELY!!! can you help me to solve this problem? yea, i knew you wanted too. but, FINE! i'll wait another 7 days! after 7 days, hehe... i could have a date with ma intelligent friends!!! ya---hoo! if you want, you can join us too! I don't really mind. so call me: 01x-1234567.

Saturday, May 7, 2011














噢!对了! 我差点忘了!

oh no, i cut my shirt!!!

it's hand-make!!!

能吗? 还可以吗?
trust me. i'm not a liar.