Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody!!! *cackle* feels like not going to school tomorrow.  sitting there, watching performance... what a boring teacher's day?! and though, we can't take any photos there. because...we were not allowed to bring our camera to school. haiz... must be verryyy verryyy boring!!! i can bet no one would go to school tomorrow. [maybe 100-500 students will go.... haha!] so.... i can start my happy holidays now obviously. and i'm sad to tell you that ma stupid, lousy television had gone wrong! urgh!!! could you tell me how can i spend my long long holidays with no television??? huh? how, readers???! i don't wanna be a freak, lying down on a bed or sofa or whatever, playing some games on computer. and noway! i won't let it be! WELL, it's alright! i've been planning to go the international book fair which having at THE MINES. anyway, just telephone me when you are planning some outing, alright? here my phone number: 01X-1234567. CALL ME!

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