Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Are You A Korean???"

went to pavilion, sungei wang and times square with ma friends just now. unfortunately, we can't did what we had actually planned. aw~~~ i had lost 8 bucks for buying the 18above's movie!!! what the hack?! and i'd swore i won't bought 18above's movie from theater anymore. well, i think i should stop this before i get very very mad! so let me show you guys some nice photo which we had took just now :

 ah boon's breakfast

 it looks tasty

but the bread is hard

don't know what they're doing. i'm alone at the other side.

this looks okay loh...

audrey and boon were caught on the camera!

evia looks pretty here. but she doesn't like it much.

what a PRO camerawoman!

black and white

this photo looks nice!

two little girl with same T-shirt

my beautiful model

i like their "star" wall

i love this photo so muccchhh!!!

this is capture by me!!!

evia looks so serious

what a nice pose!

try to guess who are them...

that's ma finger! and also ma SHINING STAR

audrey can't finished her yougurt ice-cream, cause she bought to much... kesiannya~~~

after that, jo, boon and audrey went back together by LRT and dump us at times square ALONE. haha! by the way, thanks to evia's friend for sending me to pavilion. kamsiah (thanks)!

honestly, i went to mid valley after that with ma lovely family. tired for searching them! but i felt so happy when i'm shopping. hah! do you know why? cause someone just asked me " ARE YOU A KOREAN? " while i'm watching evacuate the dance floor's music video. that moment i was like "how do i respond?" OMG!!! do i really look like a korean??? i'm so glad bout' that, obviously. haha!

lastly, i would like to shout " I LOVE TO KOREAN!!! " to all of the world!

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