Thursday, March 31, 2011


Been seein’ to much of you lately
And you’re starting to get on my nerves
This is exactly what happened last time and it’s not what we deserve
It’s a,  a waste of my time lately
And I’m running out of words
If it’s really meant to be then you can find a way to see

It’s really great to be with you
This is how I spend my life
But I’m capable of taking care of myself
So if you fuck this up then go take a hike
It’s a waste of my time
Shakin’ it up
Goin’ out to search if it’s really meant to be
Then you could find a way to see

Maybe you should just shut up
Even when it gets tough
Baby ‘cause this is love
And you know when push comes to shove
It’s gonna take the both of us
Baby, this is love!

You and me
We can both start over
Just the two of us
We can get a little closer
So follow me
And you will see

Maybe you should just shut up
Even when it gets tough
Baby ‘cause this is love.
And you know when push comes to shove
It’s gonna take the both of us
Baby, this is love!

by Avril Lavigne

Monday, March 28, 2011

Enchanted To Meet You...

Here I was again tonight. Forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired, lonely place.
Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy. Vanished when I saw your face.
All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you...

Your eyes whispered "have we met?". Across the room, your silhouette. Starts to make it's way to me.The playful conversation starts, counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy.
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you...

The lingering question kept me up: ''2am, who do you love?''. I wonder till I'm wide awake.
Now I'm pacing back and forth,
wishing you were at my door, I'd open up and you would say, ''It was enchanted to meet you, all I know is I was enchanted to meet you...''

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go? I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew...
This night is flawless, don't you let it go? I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew: I was enchanted to meet you!

This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends. My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.

These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon, I was enchanted to meet you...
Please don't be in love with someone else,
please don't have somebody waiting on you...

by Taylor Swift

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Swatch!

Just brought a new watch from Mid Valley just now.  *screaming*

I mean, this watch

Damn rock!

Is it cool? Or rock?

My sister and I went there by lrt and ktm.

Fortunately, the ktm never seems very crowded.  *giggle*

Obviously, I just ran a Taman Bukit Jalil this morning.

Felt like I'm gonna pengsan.

Calling help on the way to the toilet.  *cackle*

Thanks Elaine for carried me up to the toilet too.  [ I love you! ]

Anyway, I never felt this way before.

It's tired and fun!

THANKS GOD we back to home safe and sound !!!

Well, I seriously love Friday today.

My mom finally cooked my favourite dish, sambai udang for me.

I've been waiting for this dish for almost three months.  [ I think so ]

And SHE actually said she'll cooked this dish on last last Friday,

But I can't taste the sambai udang due to MY MOM'S UNCOOKED FISH, MEAT... that ''sleeping'' in the huge refrigerator!



 But today is different!

I can eat my favourite dish, sambai udang leh!


I wanna thanks my mom at here for cooked my favourite dish, sambai udang for me.


Maybe I'll cook for you when you're old.


To all of my readers:

Go and tell your mom my favourite dish, sambai udang taste veryyy nice!
Ask her to cook you this dish.
You will said '' ho chiak '' after that!
I'm not lie to you.
Don't forget ya!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy. Very Lazy. So Lazy.

Today I don't feel like doing anything.
I just wanna lay in my bed. 

I feel lazy this year.
Without reason.

Lazy of studying.

By the way, I'm lazy doing anything!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

A Trip To Pulau Perhentian, Terrenganu

Due to my network problem, I  can't update my blog in time about one month.
不过你不必担心,cause' I fixed it!!!

去了旅行! 哈哈!
虽然不是什么Paris, Perth, Holland, America, 不过可以放松下总算过得去!
做人要知足常乐嘛。。。 [ 可是我做不到!。。 T T ]
好了啦! 不卖关子了啦!
In fact, I went to Pulau Perhentian which in Terrenganu.
由于天气不景气, so we force to cancel all the activities.
Aww... too bad!
All we can do is have a walk, sleeping, eating and praying.

I'm sleeping... Zzz

We eat at tea time for some coffee, snacks [ this gonna be a eating trip ]
当时很闷, 所以我姐和我就很无聊地沾了几口咖啡上的泡沫, 开始自恋了。

You know?  That's  ''cappuchino kiss'' from a drama name ''Secret Garden''


就这样, 一天过去了。。。

风很大, 使房内冷得钻进棉被里的三只睡猪都打哈欠。
第二个起床的我,戴上眼镜, 洗刷完毕就去大吃大喝。
Luckily, I could see sunlight from the cloud, changing the colour of sea from dark green to turquoise! 
What a good news?
It's wonderful, beautiful and unbelievable!!!
10o'clock is coming!!!
You know what's the time represent?
It's snorkeling time!!!
我们换上泳衣,抹了防晒油, 租了goggle and life jacket, 开始坐船往目的地出发。


可惜浪太大, 无法将剩下的潜水爱好者载上船。
我们七个幸运的 snorkeling-lover 就乘坐着上下起伏的船兜了一座岛。
为了就是载那些不幸运的潜水爱好者上船, 再一起去目的地。
到了目的地,眼看快要下雨了, 我们就抱着提心吊胆的心情 ‘跳’ 进水里。
刚下去时没看到任何东东, 可是到了中间, 许多可爱的小鱼和super-duper-huge corals 就在你脚下!


*最好穿上蛙鞋, 以免美丽又光滑的脚底被corals 割伤。
Never ever refuse to snorkeling at the sea!
It's super cool and awesome!!!

Finished snorkeling, we went back to resort for some lunch.
吃饱饱后,my sister, Kelvin and I  走去桥上自恋一下下。

当时的风超大的,甚至能把我吹走! [ just kidding! ]

Oh My Gosh! 哈哈!

到了晚上, 吃完大餐后就回房。
They just arguing for a game. *chuckle*
After playing some games, Kelvin, my lil brother and I go out for some fresh air.
我们沿着海边一直走, 听听海声。。。
抬头望望时, 天空竟然布满了million little stars!!!
它们就像diamond, 不停地闪烁。
But this is not gonna happen in my entire life.
没人能真正地做到, 因为没人能从宇宙里摘下一颗星星给你。
It is impossible.
When I saw that, I was like '' OH MY GOD!!!'' 
You can't even imagine how beautiful is that!
I never see something  crazy like this!
WHOLE SKY you know?

所以啊! 我说你们啊! 记得要去那边喔!
唉。。。 是 Pulau Perhentian.

啊! 差点忘了!
你们也去观赏下 sunset 吧!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My PMR and my super-intelligent-brilliant-and-gorgeous friends !!!

A-YO!!! This is me! You know me? *cackle*
No larh... I'm just kidding!
My 2011's life are damn boring!
Gonna face PMR this year.
And of course is study larh!
Actually I'm not worrying about my PMR. [trust me if you're a fool]
But I promise myself I won't get fail or less than 4A's !
And it's tough to get straight A's.
Hate to talk about exam, but I'm telling you guys right now! Oh no!
Let's get something new!

Start planning some terrifically exciting activity in school with my friends.
We going out AGAIN in this March holidays!
We kinda crazy, especially this year.
And we get crazy every time, everywhere!
Shopping, schooling, playing, eating... We'll stuck together like glue.
Friends are my second important things in my life, I can't live without them.
Honestly, you'll feel desolate when your friends are not with you.
Ten peoples gonna say that if you ask them!
So I'm gotta confess to my friends : I LOVE YOU!!! I will continue associate with you although we don't meeting each other for almost five years!
[I know this made you retch, but I'm telling the truth! ]