Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My PMR and my super-intelligent-brilliant-and-gorgeous friends !!!

A-YO!!! This is me! You know me? *cackle*
No larh... I'm just kidding!
My 2011's life are damn boring!
Gonna face PMR this year.
And of course is study larh!
Actually I'm not worrying about my PMR. [trust me if you're a fool]
But I promise myself I won't get fail or less than 4A's !
And it's tough to get straight A's.
Hate to talk about exam, but I'm telling you guys right now! Oh no!
Let's get something new!

Start planning some terrifically exciting activity in school with my friends.
We going out AGAIN in this March holidays!
We kinda crazy, especially this year.
And we get crazy every time, everywhere!
Shopping, schooling, playing, eating... We'll stuck together like glue.
Friends are my second important things in my life, I can't live without them.
Honestly, you'll feel desolate when your friends are not with you.
Ten peoples gonna say that if you ask them!
So I'm gotta confess to my friends : I LOVE YOU!!! I will continue associate with you although we don't meeting each other for almost five years!
[I know this made you retch, but I'm telling the truth! ]

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