Friday, March 25, 2011

My Swatch!

Just brought a new watch from Mid Valley just now.  *screaming*

I mean, this watch

Damn rock!

Is it cool? Or rock?

My sister and I went there by lrt and ktm.

Fortunately, the ktm never seems very crowded.  *giggle*

Obviously, I just ran a Taman Bukit Jalil this morning.

Felt like I'm gonna pengsan.

Calling help on the way to the toilet.  *cackle*

Thanks Elaine for carried me up to the toilet too.  [ I love you! ]

Anyway, I never felt this way before.

It's tired and fun!

THANKS GOD we back to home safe and sound !!!

Well, I seriously love Friday today.

My mom finally cooked my favourite dish, sambai udang for me.

I've been waiting for this dish for almost three months.  [ I think so ]

And SHE actually said she'll cooked this dish on last last Friday,

But I can't taste the sambai udang due to MY MOM'S UNCOOKED FISH, MEAT... that ''sleeping'' in the huge refrigerator!



 But today is different!

I can eat my favourite dish, sambai udang leh!


I wanna thanks my mom at here for cooked my favourite dish, sambai udang for me.


Maybe I'll cook for you when you're old.


To all of my readers:

Go and tell your mom my favourite dish, sambai udang taste veryyy nice!
Ask her to cook you this dish.
You will said '' ho chiak '' after that!
I'm not lie to you.
Don't forget ya!


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