Monday, September 29, 2014

How much i can write in 10 minutes time!

well, i have promised to blog at least once a week. and now it's been like 8 days! i know. again.

gonna write a short post now. lol! how bout this, let's see how much i can write in 10 mins as i usually take up to an hour to compose a blog post.

My life is kinda good so far. headed to Cameron highlands with family last weekend and i felt relieved! the weather there was cold and windy! I've been there once which was organised by mandarin club in my secondary school. it was a memorable and funny trip with classmates as i had stomachache that night. you know what i'm gonna say next? lol! of course i'll find a toilet immediately! I was forced to borrow theirs as we didn't have our own toilet. So basically, their room was attacked by my shitty smell which caused them hard to fall asleep! I swear it was solo funny and at the same time i felt super sorry for them! Thanks for your patience! you saved my life!

Guess i have only 2 mins left. gonna make it quick!

hmmmm.... i've eaten so much these two days since it was my 'holiday', so why not just relax and do what you've been longing to do? however, their dishes were almost vege. just have to bare with it! so c'mon! lets have a healthy lifestyle!


ahhhhhhh!!! 10 mins is definitely not enough for me!!! will try harder next time! lol!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Throwback Small 18th Birthday Celebration

finally hanged out with my sec classmates about a week after my birthday which was pretty long ago,  to celebrate boon's birthday and also mine since our birthdays were so close. Well, the night was pretty memorable as it's been quite a long time i didn't see them already.  you know how bad is it when you're missing someone.

We first met at Chatime then Minarae cause Boon and I were kinda hungry. we were dilemma when making choices. and i believe the world knows how hard is it to decide what to eat when you're hanging out with friends, family...etc.

My Kimchi Ramyun

Boon's Kimchi Kalguksu

we headed to Josephine's place after that. no offence, still the same, no tv. lol! but it's good to not have a tv at home tho cause human tend to spend so much time watching movies. and it often leads to laziness. really! i'm serious! cause I'm one of them too!

now, back to the topic! Meeting them was really made my day. I've been counting out myself for almost a year whenever they were trying to 'jio' or invite me out. Now i finally made it. and i cherished the time that we had spent together.

here's my message to those youngsters or kids out there, be thankful the time you spend during primary and sec schools, it creates us countless memories and it's the FUN-EST time ever! once you start you uni life or stepped into society/  cruel world, you won't be able to have free time that easy. Play hard when you're still young! However, at the same time, "work hard!"


 Daisy for boon!

 Call me boss

 This happens when selfie...

 Hello birthday girl!

 'aiya, im so pretty!' lolllllll

 this is how we usually do when talking selfies ...

sorry for the excessive photos we've taken. we were just so excited and happy to see each other!