Wednesday, September 10, 2014

20 Facts About Me

I was being tagged by one of my friends. Chose to do it on my blog as it's been quite awhile i didn't update it. Plus I've promised someone that i'll do it once in a week. Well, most of the facts i'll be mentioned are pretty obvious. Just so you know that you can't really know a person thru words or in 10 mins.

1. I'm very short. My actual height is only 150cm.

2. My eyes are small cause I aint got double eyelids. I use double eyelid tape every time i hang out. (excluding the day i feel lazy and at school)

3. In love western culture. they emphasise freedom, creativity, independent and courageous.

4. I like to watch and listen to western movies, dramas and songs. I try to learn their essence by watching movies. ( I used to copy down the actor's line when i was in secondary school. crazy right?)

5. Most of my sneakers and heels are black. Cause it's monotone, easy to do mix and match too!

6. prefer sneakers over heels. But sometimes i just have to wear heels due to my height. which helps to boost up my confidence!

7. Skateboarding is my love! It's considered as my favourite activity. A skateboard lover is my coach. He was the one who taught me how to skate. well, can't deny that he's my inspiration!

8. No lie, I feel inferior most of the time. ( Just like what I've mentioned above, my height and beauty are like my biggest enemy.) 

9. I like to travel. I wish i could at least travel once in a year!

10. I like to doll up myself. Learn how to make up from my sister and how to dress up from magazine , instagram, and blog.

11. I like extreme outdoor activities like sky diving, diving, rock climbing, bungy jump...etc!

12. Planning to go USA next year after my foundation thru working-holiday. I've been longing to go US since i was standard 6!

13. I'll spend 30 mins a day to workout at home almost everyday. I'll feel really guilty and frustrated if i skipped it.

14. Cooking is one of my favourite hobby as well. In fact, I'm too lazy to learn it... sorry!

15. Cry a lot as well as laugh! will burst into tears easily even though it is just a small matter.

16. I miss my secondary friends. Thank them for being such a good and crazy friends!

17. I don't mind dressing up so extra and over.

18. Love reading inspirational quotes. It makes me a better person and somehow, 'be myself!'

19. Used to write diary everyday in the year of 2012 and 2013 but not anymore.

20. The definition behind my fake name is because i like lion. Mion is formed when 'on' from lion and 'mi' from sammi (my real name)  combine. MAGIC! lol

Lastly, don't judge a book by its cover. lol!! such a lame ending!

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