Monday, September 29, 2014

How much i can write in 10 minutes time!

well, i have promised to blog at least once a week. and now it's been like 8 days! i know. again.

gonna write a short post now. lol! how bout this, let's see how much i can write in 10 mins as i usually take up to an hour to compose a blog post.

My life is kinda good so far. headed to Cameron highlands with family last weekend and i felt relieved! the weather there was cold and windy! I've been there once which was organised by mandarin club in my secondary school. it was a memorable and funny trip with classmates as i had stomachache that night. you know what i'm gonna say next? lol! of course i'll find a toilet immediately! I was forced to borrow theirs as we didn't have our own toilet. So basically, their room was attacked by my shitty smell which caused them hard to fall asleep! I swear it was solo funny and at the same time i felt super sorry for them! Thanks for your patience! you saved my life!

Guess i have only 2 mins left. gonna make it quick!

hmmmm.... i've eaten so much these two days since it was my 'holiday', so why not just relax and do what you've been longing to do? however, their dishes were almost vege. just have to bare with it! so c'mon! lets have a healthy lifestyle!


ahhhhhhh!!! 10 mins is definitely not enough for me!!! will try harder next time! lol!

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