Monday, September 1, 2014

My18th Birthday!!!

yip! guess you guys know what is this post about. been thinking to blog about my 18th Birthday Celebration as it meant a lot to me i guess?

I was planned to go BBQ that night but it has been called off due to some problems. Anyway that wasn't the points. I had two 'dates' to attend , nah, actually three. Two was on my Birthday while the other one was a day before it. Well, being 18 isn't that great although it's legal to enter some clubs, watch above-18 movies, consume liquors...etc. Being 18 means you have the responsibilities to take care of your self, make decisions, independent.... In fact, that isn't true enough. cause some of us may learn this before or after 18. so, it depends... 

And honestly, Im not independent enough. this is what my classmates told me. (you know who I'm talking bout, my fellow classmates) that's true! I'm trying to do things by my own and challenge myself instead of people and also trying to make my dreams come true. Basically, I'm just a girl who has lots of dreams and hopes in mind. i believe everyone has it. cause "DREAM BIG" says so.

As you know, i'm super duper lazy! hahahahaha! However, i'll try harddddddddd to overcome it! The world knows "i'm lazy" is a fucking huge excuses we all have, right?

 time to stop the crap! let's get back to the topic!

When i knew the bbq was canceled, i was actually pretty sad. But one of my friends and my sis came up and texted me if i'm free on that day. obviously, i said 'yes!' so that meant i had two celebrations in a day! I was like "COOOOLLL! I'm so glad that i have dates on my birthday!" Ive been receiving gifts in August which was my birthday month and also my fav month! Thank YOU for the unpredictable surprises and gifts! thanks so much!!! At the moment, i felt like I'm the happiest girl in the world although they weren't LV, GUCCI, LAMBO, FERRARI, ROLEX, BMW... lol!

The celebrations were memorable and awesome! went here and there, eating non-stop, chit-chatting non stop, surprises everywhere... I love it! that means a lotto to me! at least they had made me an incredible, memorable and unforgettable 18th birthday! 

hair down? nah!

Almond parfait at Le Moon's where i spent half of the year there.

thanks for the tiramisu cake and flowers! i really like them! thanks Steve, Eunice, Justin and Karmen!

"make a wish!"

I admit that i don't really like flowers, but that was long ago. People do changed!

Curry crunch at Burger Lab! Super nice and tell you! tender chicken, and pan fried cheese with curry!

Heart attack as my birthday meal! get it for free on your birthday! do check out their official page! *terms and conditions apply

chocolate mousse from Lavender! Thanks sister, phoebe and lil bro, Irvine for it!

Thanks for celebrating my birthday! thanks for your company as well!!! :) 

before cleaning

It means, On 8/17 i'm officially 18!!!

Again, thanks for all the gifts and surprises you gave! I really appreciate what you guys have done for my 18th birthday! what more could i ask for? I'm blessed to have you guys around me! I'm super duper happy that you guys could spend your time for celebrating my birthday! the 18th best birthday in my life! Thank you guys!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

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