Monday, November 26, 2012


okay, this will be a apologize post or maybe results?

I'm so sorry for what i did last night.
I didn't meant it!
I know i shouldn't 'encourage' you have an argument with your mom.
I know i shouldn't hit your Ipad.
I should have known right? SHIT!
I know youre gonna hate me for that. go ahead.
I admit I'm so wrong. I do feel guilty and terrible!
Just blame it on me.
Damn it! Im a girl who brings bad luck so maybe i should stay away from you guys.
still feel awkward to face you all... 
so... Hate me maybe? lolll
I don't feel any happy last weekends.
Because so many bad things happened to me.
Im not gonna mention that but.............................I GOT LAST 4TH PLACE in my class.
HOWEVER, i didn't fail them. LUCKILY!
Gonna fail my BC if 1 more mark got deducted.
My final exam's result is pretty OK to me.
Plus it's good to be in the second class, isn't it? Haha!

Hope i can fix them after all...
Please let me help.
I have the responsibility to fix it back.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy holiday!
How's your day? Feel great?
Guess this month would probably be my movie-marathon month.
Ive watched all films in theater but still left some of it. Like malay film?
Plus, I've been going out for shopping like every single day! Wth!
Except for sunway. Because There's too jam.
To me, paranormal was suck!
Twilight, cold war, rise of the guardian and taichi were nice! Especially perfect pitch!
It was super awesomeee! Their voices were amazing! Really!
Make me wanna do acapella so bad!
Actually it's been a long time I didn't update my blog. So sorry.
I mean I stay up late every night as we were back home late maybe like 11 or 12 something?
I'm here just to tell you what I've been actually doing during these couple weeks. Loll!
Will update more frequently. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm not feeling happy right now.
So im gonna do a short update today.
Guess everybody hates me when I'm fuming.
Seriously. don't get near me when I'm mad.
My anger and silence can kill you straight away! lollll!

Well, my life have been busy this few weeks.
Because i go out for shopping like everyday!
Going out somewhere is definitely not a good thing for me
As i have to try and mix-and-match different outfit EVERYDAY!
It just make my head aches!

here's my outfit of the week...

Hell yea, i got nothing much to tell.
I'm just crapping... wtf!
Hope you all like it.
Actually i think most of them are the SAME.

Guess it's all i have to share today. 
So sorry for the very short update guys! :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hello! How are you doing?
Quite busy these few days as my friend who came long way from Singapore is spending a week here.
It's pretty headache when you don't know where to bring them to.
So, we just walk, watch film, buy, sing, play and eat eat eat!
We headed to Pavilion that day.
I don't know what to eat and so just simply ordered Cheese Pizza at Pizza Hut.
Since people say the 7 cheese pizza thingy is nice...
We ordered beef & cheese pizza. 
It tasted bad to me, i mean not ALL of them were bad.
In fact, the white-ball thingy was way too salty.
I think they should taste it before it was served. 
Anyway, we left two slices there. Because we were full! You know, cheese make you feel full easily.
And then we off to theater to watch "Cold War".
It was amazing!!! trust me!
Although it was pretty confusing, but it worth to watch.
I bet you'll probably know what they were talking about like maybe 70% at the end. lollll!

Something i don't really understand is why parents always ask what to eat but they'll buy you the different stuff you've said! 
It's like just wasting your saliva answering their stupid question!
I mean, if they have the thoughts of going somewhere else or eating something else, STOP ASKING US NO MORE! 
okay, perhaps you don't get what i mean, but just read roughly.
OR you can chose not to read it. just pass it and look what i wore. :D
Outer from SEED, Paul short tee from StyleMeBK, shorts from BKK.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Outing with peeps :)

Hanged out with peeps yesterday.
I was in a hurry before heading to the station.
And so i hurt my finger accidentally when trying to survive the bottle from falling.
Sigh... wasted!
I still haven't confess to my mom. She'll realised someday.
McDonald as our brunch and bought movie tickets.
Search for Elaine's birthday gift before the movie started.
We didn't managed to buy her a gift apparently. 
Maybe she bought or what because we were separated that time.
Anyway, I bought her a gift. But i can't tell you what is it... haha!
Skyfall was not that bad. soso.
was it because i didn't actually watched the previous series or what?
What i think overall was- James Bond is HOT n HANDSOME!!!

 lastly, here's my outfit of the day.
Outer from NakedKimchi , studded shorts from bangkok , N' 5 tee from StayleMeBK

Hope you enjoy reading it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


What a day!
Woke up early, get myself tidy and I was so excited!!!
Saw my old friends, chatted with them...
Meeting, Interview and training...DONE!
Their GM asked us to leave suddenly after we had our lunch.
* not even until my ass was on the chair for more than 10sec!
Without asking the reasons why, we did what he says. OFF!
wtf! Now i still got no idea why the heck he asked us to get home and wait for his call.
What does 'wait for my call' means??? you're fired?
We stunned! totally SHOCKED!
I think we were great during the training. at lease we answer the questions correctly.
Plus, what making me that mad is MY NAME WAS BEING CALLED SO MANY TIMES!!!
Hell yea i know my name is catchy!
omg! maybe ive been acting way too PRO?? who knows?
Now im in a total panic mood! JOBLESS again!
Thought that i could work today but ended up being HOMELESS.
Walking from ktm to school is definitely not a good choice! 
It was tiring man!
I think i walked 2km or more...
That's long enough to participate a marathon.
I enjoy the walk though.

Ate burger king after such a ridiculous thing happened.
Ordered BBQ BEEF burger. 

I love beef! seriously madly in love with beef!
The BBQ sos and cheese...the way they mix together is your way to HEAVEN!
Im not lying! I love food and so do they. lollll 
But what i love the most is their CHILI SOS!
It is different than others i tell you!
It tastes like Thai chili sos. Not that spicy but sweet somehow. maybe I've been eating spicy foods in my entire life...
Trust me! haha! and to be honest, I took two pack of their chili sos back home. not HUGE pack lah!
Still, it costs only 5.95 comes with beverage and french fries! totally worth it!
Go and try them!

Last but not lease,
wanna know what's the next of how i wreck the journal?
Try to guess... Somebody who following me on tweeter probably knows!
here's the instruction. It is hilarious, funny and makes no sense AT ALL!
C'mon and squeeze your brain. Guess how i did it!
I successfully kicked the crumpled paper thru the triangle!
Unfortunately, I didn't capture it... so sorry!
However, I got another version of playing this game.
Kindly check out this website to watch how I wreck it!
Lollll! I really hope you don't watch it cause it's embarrassing!
We look just so stupid and childish in there!!!
That was not me! lolll!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Im back! got lots of stuff needa share with you guys!
instagram, job&tuition, wreck this journal...
*apparently, tuition and job are the last which you don't really want to know. cause they're boring
which one you wish to know first?
Whatever, just scroll down and search for your wish-to-know-first. 
But you still have to read ALL! lollll

I think you can't wait to know how i wreck my journal, isn't it? 
omg! im way too perasan!
nah, this is the first page i picked! 

and here's the after.
does it looks ok? i mean, does it enough to prove i'm creative??? lolll again
No worries, follow my twitter and you'll know what's next! 
I'm gonna wreck the journal hell out with my anger, excitement, craziness, madness and lot more!
Actually I didn't know how to make a paper airplane. 
I used to do it when i was little, but I've forgotten now.

Did i ever mentioned that i'm looking for a job right now, desperately? I bet i did!
I've found some, but all of them are prob dead or whatever. no news at all.
So I went for interview this Monday and I got it! OH YEAHHHH!
I'm so happy but i think I was suck during the interview!
I was acting like a experienced worker or grown-up that time! wtf!
In fact, I managed to introduce myself without any nervous. 
haha, my sis asked me to look in HIS eyes when answering the questions, this will make you looks more confident.
I think they hate this kind of people, don't they?cause I gave the wrong answer. Opinionated.
Anyway, he asks me to start working on Thursday. HOORAY!
Plus, maybe 1200 a month!!! omgomg!
I've calculated. If it's real, then i would have 5 bucks an hour!!! GOSHHH!
Unfortunately, I can't attend my tuition after that. 
I mean, I will have to skip some of the classes. Too bad!
Gotta work really hard next year...

I was checking out my Insta just now. And i saw something above the likes page.
Something like "check out your instagram web profile!"
So i did it. 
According to me, there's more web apps for Instagram like webstagram, instagreat and ink361...
In case you don't know, you can check out my post HERE!

This is how my profile looks like. How bout yours?

To see your Instagram web profile, you can simply navigate to For example, to view my profile, @thesassy_mi, you'd navigate to on the web!  

okay, it's time for me to off! BYE! Start working tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Imma gonna wreck this journal!

Bought this book at popular.
Ive been waiting this weekends to come so i can get to buy this very SIMPLE book.
I accidentally saw this book when wandering at Popular.
This book got nothing just a few words(instructions).
It stole my heart right after i opened it!
This book is all about CREATIVITY.
Instructions are given but you have to complete it no matter how.
There are no page num. so you can chose which to do first.
You may get yourself dirty and wet while doing the task.
And it's impossible to keep the journal CLEAN AND FLAWLESS!
there would be smell and dirty stuff in it.
That's why they want you to do the things you DONT REALLY LIKE and YOU MAY NOT FEEL  COMFORTABLE!
I think the author is creative and bold innovation.
they let us do the job or maybe TAKE THE CHALLENGES with different kind of materials and ways.
I roughly read the instructions, and i think it's crazy and FRESH overall!
I bet you NEVER TRY THAT BEFORE until you wreck this journal! I BET YOU!
I bought it because I can kill my time during this holiday with those 'MEANINGFUL' tasks!

Here are some pictures and video i stole from web, please take a look at it and you'll get how mad is it! wtf 

Kindly log on to Keri Smith's blog to know more!
It's fun for all age! As long as youre a HUMAN!

lastly, overview of this journal:
For anyone who's ever wished to, but had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook comes Wreck This Journal, an illustrated book that features a subversive collection of prompts, asking readers to muster up their best mistake- and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them). Acclaimed illustrator Keri Smith encourages journalese to engage in "destructive" acts-poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting with coffee, and more-in order to experience the true creative process. Readers discover a new way of art and journal making-and new ways to escape the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process.



Did i just freaked you out? My Halloween costume! lollll! insensible!

Headed to Mines yesterday to hand in my photostated IC.
I mean they have vacancy and say will call me after that.
But i still havent receive any calls from strangers till now!
I heard their conversation too! *im not an eavesdropper okay! lolllll
they said 'why do we need two? one is enough lah!'
the 'two' they were talking about was my friend and me.
So, I quit and move on to another job, Shih Lin.
The guy asked me to meet him on saturday at 7pm for interview.
Well, i thought he gonna hire me at first.
In fact, I think im quitting this job too plus the guy late for 30 mins! wtf!
Honestly, I dont want to do those hard work like sending the stock...
gosh! i don't really know what im talking about!

Chose to blog right now while waiting for the egg tart to be done.
yup! I'm doing egg tarts!
Dont ever think its EASY as ABC! Now i realised how hard is itttttt!
Hell! We messed up the dough!
My sis might adding too much water i guess...cause it was like WATERY.
The procedure are simple but tough! seriously!
Fortunately, we did well at the filling part.

Egg tart's filling taste good! it is the part we love the most cause it tastes really nice and the easiest step overall.

I realised lots of people are ill this lately....
due to the weather or exam fever?
I think lack of sleep, physical activities, fruits and water are most prob the factors.
I'm very ill this week since wednesday... cough, sore throat and fever!
Actually, sick is considered good for us. I mean like one BIG ONES a year lah. Lolllll
I think my brain can't function well too!
Keep on talking craps! Needa find a job afap! I needa earn some money!
Lastly, DRINK MORE WATER AND SLEEP EARLY lah you all! don't try to be a panda ok?
take a good care of yourself! #loveyourself

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last day of school!

hmmm... i wonder why we don't have Halloween party here? 
To be honest, i loveeeeee SPOOKY stuff and of course HALLOWEEN!
Ive been wanting to say ' trick or treat' by knocking people's door with a CREEPY SUIT...
sounds fun right?
watching all those kids spending their HALLOWEEN in the movie making me so jealous!
I wish i can held a Halloween Party someday...

Oh ya, celebrated the last day of school and exam with friends yesterday at the Mines.
We planned to go search for jobs but end up watching Frankenweenie...
Haha...I'm jobless now!!!
My sister are searching jobs for me, but she keeps forcing me to do this do that...
i mean not 'force' but talking with a way of like threatening.
Hell! If i'm not doing, she definitely scold me again!

Btw, Thanks auntie for showing us the way to KTM by drawing! Thanks so much!
Still, it was pouring yesterday! VERY HEAVY!
Huge wind+Lightning+Thunder=COLD AND BAD WEATHER
We were like giggling and trembling at the bus stop!
Luckily a taxi driver stopped in front of us!
We hesitated for few minutes before taking it because we thought the bus was coming soon.
However, the rain was too heavy and we can't stand it anymore...
We went thru so many things yesterday! really! and it was fun!
I had a great day with them although it was rainy day!
Thank you all!