Monday, November 26, 2012


okay, this will be a apologize post or maybe results?

I'm so sorry for what i did last night.
I didn't meant it!
I know i shouldn't 'encourage' you have an argument with your mom.
I know i shouldn't hit your Ipad.
I should have known right? SHIT!
I know youre gonna hate me for that. go ahead.
I admit I'm so wrong. I do feel guilty and terrible!
Just blame it on me.
Damn it! Im a girl who brings bad luck so maybe i should stay away from you guys.
still feel awkward to face you all... 
so... Hate me maybe? lolll
I don't feel any happy last weekends.
Because so many bad things happened to me.
Im not gonna mention that but.............................I GOT LAST 4TH PLACE in my class.
HOWEVER, i didn't fail them. LUCKILY!
Gonna fail my BC if 1 more mark got deducted.
My final exam's result is pretty OK to me.
Plus it's good to be in the second class, isn't it? Haha!

Hope i can fix them after all...
Please let me help.
I have the responsibility to fix it back.

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