Saturday, November 10, 2012

Outing with peeps :)

Hanged out with peeps yesterday.
I was in a hurry before heading to the station.
And so i hurt my finger accidentally when trying to survive the bottle from falling.
Sigh... wasted!
I still haven't confess to my mom. She'll realised someday.
McDonald as our brunch and bought movie tickets.
Search for Elaine's birthday gift before the movie started.
We didn't managed to buy her a gift apparently. 
Maybe she bought or what because we were separated that time.
Anyway, I bought her a gift. But i can't tell you what is it... haha!
Skyfall was not that bad. soso.
was it because i didn't actually watched the previous series or what?
What i think overall was- James Bond is HOT n HANDSOME!!!

 lastly, here's my outfit of the day.
Outer from NakedKimchi , studded shorts from bangkok , N' 5 tee from StayleMeBK

Hope you enjoy reading it!

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