Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Im back! got lots of stuff needa share with you guys!
instagram, job&tuition, wreck this journal...
*apparently, tuition and job are the last which you don't really want to know. cause they're boring
which one you wish to know first?
Whatever, just scroll down and search for your wish-to-know-first. 
But you still have to read ALL! lollll

I think you can't wait to know how i wreck my journal, isn't it? 
omg! im way too perasan!
nah, this is the first page i picked! 

and here's the after.
does it looks ok? i mean, does it enough to prove i'm creative??? lolll again
No worries, follow my twitter and you'll know what's next! 
I'm gonna wreck the journal hell out with my anger, excitement, craziness, madness and lot more!
Actually I didn't know how to make a paper airplane. 
I used to do it when i was little, but I've forgotten now.

Did i ever mentioned that i'm looking for a job right now, desperately? I bet i did!
I've found some, but all of them are prob dead or whatever. no news at all.
So I went for interview this Monday and I got it! OH YEAHHHH!
I'm so happy but i think I was suck during the interview!
I was acting like a experienced worker or grown-up that time! wtf!
In fact, I managed to introduce myself without any nervous. 
haha, my sis asked me to look in HIS eyes when answering the questions, this will make you looks more confident.
I think they hate this kind of people, don't they?cause I gave the wrong answer. Opinionated.
Anyway, he asks me to start working on Thursday. HOORAY!
Plus, maybe 1200 a month!!! omgomg!
I've calculated. If it's real, then i would have 5 bucks an hour!!! GOSHHH!
Unfortunately, I can't attend my tuition after that. 
I mean, I will have to skip some of the classes. Too bad!
Gotta work really hard next year...

I was checking out my Insta just now. And i saw something above the likes page.
Something like "check out your instagram web profile!"
So i did it. 
According to me, there's more web apps for Instagram like webstagram, instagreat and ink361...
In case you don't know, you can check out my post HERE!

This is how my profile looks like. How bout yours?

To see your Instagram web profile, you can simply navigate to For example, to view my profile, @thesassy_mi, you'd navigate to on the web!  

okay, it's time for me to off! BYE! Start working tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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