Sunday, November 4, 2012


Did i just freaked you out? My Halloween costume! lollll! insensible!

Headed to Mines yesterday to hand in my photostated IC.
I mean they have vacancy and say will call me after that.
But i still havent receive any calls from strangers till now!
I heard their conversation too! *im not an eavesdropper okay! lolllll
they said 'why do we need two? one is enough lah!'
the 'two' they were talking about was my friend and me.
So, I quit and move on to another job, Shih Lin.
The guy asked me to meet him on saturday at 7pm for interview.
Well, i thought he gonna hire me at first.
In fact, I think im quitting this job too plus the guy late for 30 mins! wtf!
Honestly, I dont want to do those hard work like sending the stock...
gosh! i don't really know what im talking about!

Chose to blog right now while waiting for the egg tart to be done.
yup! I'm doing egg tarts!
Dont ever think its EASY as ABC! Now i realised how hard is itttttt!
Hell! We messed up the dough!
My sis might adding too much water i guess...cause it was like WATERY.
The procedure are simple but tough! seriously!
Fortunately, we did well at the filling part.

Egg tart's filling taste good! it is the part we love the most cause it tastes really nice and the easiest step overall.

I realised lots of people are ill this lately....
due to the weather or exam fever?
I think lack of sleep, physical activities, fruits and water are most prob the factors.
I'm very ill this week since wednesday... cough, sore throat and fever!
Actually, sick is considered good for us. I mean like one BIG ONES a year lah. Lolllll
I think my brain can't function well too!
Keep on talking craps! Needa find a job afap! I needa earn some money!
Lastly, DRINK MORE WATER AND SLEEP EARLY lah you all! don't try to be a panda ok?
take a good care of yourself! #loveyourself

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