Thursday, November 8, 2012


What a day!
Woke up early, get myself tidy and I was so excited!!!
Saw my old friends, chatted with them...
Meeting, Interview and training...DONE!
Their GM asked us to leave suddenly after we had our lunch.
* not even until my ass was on the chair for more than 10sec!
Without asking the reasons why, we did what he says. OFF!
wtf! Now i still got no idea why the heck he asked us to get home and wait for his call.
What does 'wait for my call' means??? you're fired?
We stunned! totally SHOCKED!
I think we were great during the training. at lease we answer the questions correctly.
Plus, what making me that mad is MY NAME WAS BEING CALLED SO MANY TIMES!!!
Hell yea i know my name is catchy!
omg! maybe ive been acting way too PRO?? who knows?
Now im in a total panic mood! JOBLESS again!
Thought that i could work today but ended up being HOMELESS.
Walking from ktm to school is definitely not a good choice! 
It was tiring man!
I think i walked 2km or more...
That's long enough to participate a marathon.
I enjoy the walk though.

Ate burger king after such a ridiculous thing happened.
Ordered BBQ BEEF burger. 

I love beef! seriously madly in love with beef!
The BBQ sos and cheese...the way they mix together is your way to HEAVEN!
Im not lying! I love food and so do they. lollll 
But what i love the most is their CHILI SOS!
It is different than others i tell you!
It tastes like Thai chili sos. Not that spicy but sweet somehow. maybe I've been eating spicy foods in my entire life...
Trust me! haha! and to be honest, I took two pack of their chili sos back home. not HUGE pack lah!
Still, it costs only 5.95 comes with beverage and french fries! totally worth it!
Go and try them!

Last but not lease,
wanna know what's the next of how i wreck the journal?
Try to guess... Somebody who following me on tweeter probably knows!
here's the instruction. It is hilarious, funny and makes no sense AT ALL!
C'mon and squeeze your brain. Guess how i did it!
I successfully kicked the crumpled paper thru the triangle!
Unfortunately, I didn't capture it... so sorry!
However, I got another version of playing this game.
Kindly check out this website to watch how I wreck it!
Lollll! I really hope you don't watch it cause it's embarrassing!
We look just so stupid and childish in there!!!
That was not me! lolll!

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