Friday, February 28, 2014

Gangnam 88 @ Mon't Kiara, Solaris

ssup guys? did you guys know about food-haunting? i feel so happy cause i'm lovin' it! My sis started it since long time ago and she kept on persuading me to join her. However, i was pretty busy with my OWN activities. At first i thought it was boring and costly but somehow it makes me feel fullllllllll and relaxing! Plus, it won't really cost you that much of money if you're going with your friends or family. SHARING IS CARING, you know. but do you once in a while lah.... you know the reason...

I'm a k-pop lover. I love korean dishes and i would like to visit korea someday. I was super super excited when my sis were taking me a korean restaurant! 

Gangnam 88 @ Mont Kiara, Solaris

Korean artists everywhere...


It comes up with side dishes. It's refillable! I bet spicy-lover would love it so badly!

Luckily we managed to finished them all although the portion was freaking hugeeee!

You can also find yourself via their Facebook page or official website. :)

We love red :x

The food may be small in this picture but trust me, it's affordable and worthy! I'm so gonna try something else next time. surely!

Find it:


1st-Mont't Kiara Solaris

No. 1-1, Jalan Solaris 3, 
Solaris Mon’t Kiara Off Jalan Kiara,

50480 Kuala Lumpur.

03 - 62065888

2nd-Kota Damansara Giza Mall

89-1, Sunway Giza,
Jalan PJU 5, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya

03 - 61516488

Mon - Sun:   11.30 am - 1.00 am

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

55 Cafe & Restaurant

As i mentioned before, i'm not a coffee lover or caffeine addict-or. However,  i would like to do Coffee-haunting. lol. 

The cafe i'm about to talk about is 55 Cafe&Restaurant in Penang. It's pretty famous among all of the cafes. plus, it's also considered as the BEST RESTAURANT in penang. We were stucked in the traffic jam for like an hour just to reach there. In my opinion, it's better to drop by at weekdays. Apparently, place around there is quite narrow and also lack of parking lot.... 

"55cafe & restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and tapas in an informal setting. The menu features a variety of light, tasty dishes, with daily specials depending on what's fresh at the market on that day."

 The barista.

 Cafe mocha
recommended by the staffs

Cafe latte

 Pay like a boss

Im so gonna go there next time to try their dishes. must be very nice...:P
It's also the place where you can kill your free time, relaxing...

Find it:

55 Cafe & Restaurant
55, Lorong Steward, 10300, Penang, Malaysia

Mon - Sun:   8:30 am - 10:30 pm

Call them:

04 - 2622611

Saturday, February 22, 2014

So what, I'm still me?!

Learned a lot from work. Get to understand what experienced people's words really mean. Life is pretty tough out there especially when you lost your support. I made a lot of mistakes and i admitted it. I'm introverted.  Honestly, it's hard for me to simply split out what i REALLY dislike and problems except for my LOVE. But, if i have the courage to do it, I'll do it. lol.

hmmm...maybe toleration and patience can help me out for that?

Life after school sucks! However, it depends on how you see and overcome it. I barely fell deep into the sea but i was so lucky that I was being rescued by people. else i would lost my loved ones. 

Idiom says, 

proximity to cinnabar makes you red, to pitch makes you black. 

Sometimes your mind and eyes just need to be wide open and clear enough. Not trying to frighten you but this really happens to every single person. and, i'm not saying that THEY are bad or whatsoever,  but you just need to be brave and do what you are supposed to do. Fight for your right!

I cry so much not because i'm weak. i am who i am. I don't need to please everyone. I don't need to change just because of YOU. Shits happen every single day. If mistakes are not ALLOW then how can we learn from mistakes? Everybody is trying hard enough to be the best and hell yes, this sounds pretty good. and it's good to upgrade yourself from good to better then best. I know tears can't solve anything. But it at least makes me feel better after all. 

“Do not apologize for crying. Without this 
emotion, we are only robots.” 

You and me
we’ve been through everything
We’ve stood the test of time
We’ve weathered every storm
and still, here we are

You and me
we’ve had our ups and downs
We’ve gone around and around
We’ve seen it all
and we’re still here

You and me
we’ve been good together
and we’ve been on our own
but we are at our best
when we are where we belong

It’s you and me
We are meant to be
No matter what may come our way

We'll be together always

(this poem is stolen from the web, lol)

 I feel so blessed and lucky to have a great sister like you although we fight most of the time... :x

mamma dont be so shy...

 I looked mature with my hair tied up.... 

Granny  <3

My #ootd.  lol

Necklace - Zara
Tops - H&M 

Jeans - Bangkok
Heels - H&M

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Art is rubbish or Rubbish is art?

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

you sure you're ok?


never underestimate

21 guns. peace. lol

white plus black

a small little cafe

Vine and cousins

Garbage bag as balloons. creative yeh?