Saturday, February 22, 2014

So what, I'm still me?!

Learned a lot from work. Get to understand what experienced people's words really mean. Life is pretty tough out there especially when you lost your support. I made a lot of mistakes and i admitted it. I'm introverted.  Honestly, it's hard for me to simply split out what i REALLY dislike and problems except for my LOVE. But, if i have the courage to do it, I'll do it. lol.

hmmm...maybe toleration and patience can help me out for that?

Life after school sucks! However, it depends on how you see and overcome it. I barely fell deep into the sea but i was so lucky that I was being rescued by people. else i would lost my loved ones. 

Idiom says, 

proximity to cinnabar makes you red, to pitch makes you black. 

Sometimes your mind and eyes just need to be wide open and clear enough. Not trying to frighten you but this really happens to every single person. and, i'm not saying that THEY are bad or whatsoever,  but you just need to be brave and do what you are supposed to do. Fight for your right!

I cry so much not because i'm weak. i am who i am. I don't need to please everyone. I don't need to change just because of YOU. Shits happen every single day. If mistakes are not ALLOW then how can we learn from mistakes? Everybody is trying hard enough to be the best and hell yes, this sounds pretty good. and it's good to upgrade yourself from good to better then best. I know tears can't solve anything. But it at least makes me feel better after all. 

“Do not apologize for crying. Without this 
emotion, we are only robots.” 

You and me
we’ve been through everything
We’ve stood the test of time
We’ve weathered every storm
and still, here we are

You and me
we’ve had our ups and downs
We’ve gone around and around
We’ve seen it all
and we’re still here

You and me
we’ve been good together
and we’ve been on our own
but we are at our best
when we are where we belong

It’s you and me
We are meant to be
No matter what may come our way

We'll be together always

(this poem is stolen from the web, lol)

 I feel so blessed and lucky to have a great sister like you although we fight most of the time... :x

mamma dont be so shy...

 I looked mature with my hair tied up.... 

Granny  <3

My #ootd.  lol

Necklace - Zara
Tops - H&M 

Jeans - Bangkok
Heels - H&M

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