Tuesday, October 30, 2012


okay, I cried yesterday. i know i'm suck!
You know why? yup, it was because my Physics paper 3.
I didn't read the title seriously and that was why i thought it was about Archimedes' Principle. wtf
plus, i got the tips from someone and he told us archimedes' too!
The tips he gave are pretty REAL and ACCURATE!
*Sorry my friend, it was not your fault lah! don't needa feel guilty. It was me who didn't read the paper carefully. haiyo!

So, lesson learnt!
Don't RELY on tips 100%!!! it will screwed you!
I'm so down man! Shitty me shouldn't cry that time! darn it!
Well, i don't care that shit paper anymore!
I don't wanna be upset because holiday is around the cornaaaaaaah! #1moredaytogo

saw this? haha! of course you do! lollllll
me keep talking crap!
Milano Double Choc is damn nice i tell you! SUPERBBBB!
The choc is something like DARK CHOC. it tastes a bit bitter but sweet sometimes...
i mean NOT THAT SWEET. suitable for those who have not-like-too-sweet tooth people like me!
 influenced by my sis
nah, here's how the cookies look like... NICE BOH??
omg! too yummmy!!!! i finished it in 2 hours time!!! haha! no lah! 2 days.
left 4 pieces as my breakfast. so 2 days...lollll
btw, I bought it at KLCC Isetan that sells foods one.
Got PROMOTION!!! so go and grab it NOW in a lightning speed!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Went to BIGBANG's ALIVE CONCERT yesterday.
It was AMAZINGGGGG, seriously!!!
Unfortunately, it was pouring like TWICE!
one was before getting in, another one was before the concert started.
For me, the venue was pretty suck! cause it was actually a field.
Plus, the entrance-thingy plan was lame!
We couldn't found our place to queue up as there was too many entrance.

and i saw TOP SAW US!!! OMG!
you know why? cause we keep waving the 'crown' hardly to catch his attention!! that was why he spotted us!
Everyone is super duper CUTEEEE and it's real like what you saw them oon tv!!!
HELL! it was like a dream! my sis and i think so right after we woke up from the bed!
2 and a 1/2 hours is definitely NOT ENOUGH for us!!!
although it was tired standing the whole day, but we were still happy and satisfied after watching that concert.
This is my very FIRST TIME watching concert and FIRST TIME enjoying under the rain!
oh ya! I'm going for 2ne1's concert too in SHAH ALAM!!!
Do support them!



I need to earn some money to buy a new phone...

OK, now i'm searching for a job, do anyone found one?
can you kindly leave a comment if you need a worker? :D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

Right after the exam, we headed to Jusco @ Balakong to distress ourselves.
We've chosen Hotel Transylvania as rumors say it is nice.
We quite dilemma when choosing the movies because others seem to be NICE too!
Before movie, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch since we received a coupon.
So, that considered as the CHEAPEST pizza hut meal i ever had!
It costed only RM2.55 plus a pepsi!!! lolll
Hotel Transylvania was NICE and HILARIOUS!
We all like laughing from the start till the end!
Especially this little monsta!
I like her!!! she's so funny!
She has a slow motion and quick reaction! loll wth i'm talking bout?
She was like "I didn't do it" after swallowing those huge stuff!!!
hahahaha! you probably don't get what i'm saying!
So, go and watch it in the theater!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My Chemi sucks! wtf!
It was hard! I got no idea wth it was talking about!
Although i've got tips from someone, but i still can't score it!
The worst paper EVERRRRRR!!!
I used up 1h 15mins to do the paper but only for those questions i know or 50% know.
conclusion is, Chemistry is definitely not my cup of tea and i need more time to COMPLETELY BLACKEN ALL QUESTION!

 Post about the outing with friends later on! cause i'm getting late for my Physics tuition. lolll 
see ya later! :D

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello, I'm back!
Must blog today because i won't do it tomorrow and wednesday.
All because of STUDYYYY!
My ass pain like hell after sitting like 6 hours!
I didn't went out yesterday. Study at home instead.
Two more days to go and I'll be WILD & YOUNG AND FREE!

Sej paper today. First, I have to thank my friends and 'someone' for giving me the tips.
or else i wouldn't be so confident...
Still, i didn't managed to complete all questions.
Cause i just focused on essay questions. essay is more important i think.
Well, it was so cool and gila that all the given tips were REAL!
Dream came true!
Now i have to face Physics. I know physics better than Chemistry.
I don't get chemi. they're so complicated! and i hate chemical equation!
You probably think that why i got so many complaints.
Fine. I know I'm bad.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bukit Bintang

walking whole day long! one word for it, EXHAUSTED!
I'm not lying! We didn't even rest except for lunch and tea-time.
It's been so long that i didn't head to Bukit Bintang area, cause it's too crowded.
We always find it hard to find a parking there. Plus, so jam!!!
Stuck in the traffic jam everytime we go there.
My sis and I ate quite lots of food. like KFC, Tomyam and snowflake!
I wonder what day is today.
Cause you can see whole bunch of malays in KFC, Pav!
When I mean whole bunch, I'm not kidding!
All of the customers or hungry-monsters were malay except for us who just bought an ala-cart-doubledown were Chinese.
That means we were the only Chinese right there!!!
So kua jeong!!! Probably Pav got some events.
Watching them chilling with their buddies make me so jealous as my friends and i never meet each other about 2 months...I miss them so bad! :'(

outer from SEED, shorts from BKK.

Hello, my friend, are you still reading it?
I miss you so badly!!! Can we hang out during this longlong holiday??
Maybe get some drinks and watch movie...:D

<3 <3 <3

Darn it! don't know what's wrong with the effing lame computer!
I've tried safari and google chrome but none of them work!
At last, I found Firefox.
However, it's not like what I expected. It starting to "fade away".
I mean, those icons and links are disappear!
Idk why!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton (Boyce Avenue feat. Alex Goot acousti...

One of my favorite song throughout this year. watching this is a must!!!
you'll not regret after watching this!!!


Pretty busy these days as i've been studying from evening till 12 something!
today's paper quite easy to me. cause it was Math!
I love Math but i hate Add-Math!
Something embarrassing happened the day before yesterday.
While I was busy answering those brainless questions, someone's phone rang!
And guess what, it was MINE!!!
F#$^! then i realized i didn't silent it!
Gosh! Luckily that teacher is kind!
That time i was like "wtf! omg! what should i do? shut it off or continue doing my paper?"
I swear i'll check before off to school!

woah! It's already 4.30 now! SHIT! I haven't study yet!
susah lah saya! i nak pergi shopping!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Totally fucked up my Add-math paper!
I did whole day of practices yesterday, but seems like I'm just wasting my time to study those shit stuff!
Super hard man!
It's different when you do it at home and exams! HUGE different!!!
Darn it! 
I was totally BLANK that time! Got 0 idea of what the crap they were talking about!
Gosh! I felt guilty that i couldn't answer ALL of them, but just trying to copy the question.
However, I think I've tried my best. VERY best.
It's like half of the day sitting there just focusing on my Add-math.
Why add-math have to be so fucking tough!
Guess i should put more effort on it... :/

Ok, that's all i want to share. BYE! :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Balik Rumah Makan Laksa!

Got home early due to PMR.
I think I manage to get a C for my BIO.
Today was all bout paper 3. i mean BIO paper 3.
That's why i could came home early without kena 'ponteng kelas'.
And this is the first time the school ends that early!
9 something can balik rumah. syoknya~
But i'm still lazy to touch any books beside me. 
Watched 'Painted Skin II' before study.
Then wait for my sister to have lunch together as well.
*laksa as my lunch!
hmm...think i'm gonna fuck my Add-math up!
but NOWAY!!!
I won't let my laziness conquers all! nahnahnah!
guess i have to say goodbye now else i wont be studying anymore :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Run KL 2012

I took part in WE RUN KL yesterday.
I felt freakin exhausted after that! It was fun though.
This was the first time i ran in the rain, you can totally feel cold when you're running.
10K is not an easy stuff. But i still made it to the finish line in 1 h 30 mins! #challengeaccepted
i know i'm SLOW, but you really have to try it before you judge people.
And I admit that i was LOST yesterday. Cause it was held at night!
Shitty me!
Fortunately, my name was called out by someone with mic and i was being told to head to the information counter.
Hell yea i found them!
I felt like shit when i was lost! seriously!
And they've made a joke like "we actually run for 10k, but came up 20k because of searching for you"!
Damn it! I felt guilty for that! I made them couldn't get back home early!
It was my fault, i know.
After the LOST_AND_FOUND, we get a conclusion that we must have our phone stick beside us if it is at night time. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Screw you, BIO!

Screwed up my BIO! totally!
Gosh i've no idea wth it was talking about! I just simply give them what i knew.
I was like BLANK! gosh! i don't know what to do for add-math since it is SO HARD!
You know i hate complicated.
I prefer modern math. and i like it!
Damn! Still left 3 more weeks to go until i can rest!!!
Urgh! Hate that i can't sleep early. Weather in these couple days are like HEAVEN, COLD!
and i think i'm not good for FIRST class.
I prefer the middle one. not that good, not that bad. angam ngam hou!
It's so stressful being in B class, honestly.
and i always get the LAST PLACE.
guess I'm not born for "FIRST" THINGY.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Have a fight with BIO

Well, I had my BC exam today.
It was pretty easy but i messed it up!
However, i think i've tried my best to take it serious.like at lease i answered ALL questions.
*not consider it as ALL but still left 2?
I was ran out of time answering those mad questions, like crazy!
And I was always the LAST.
OMG! I've got no idea what situation is coming next!
BIO tomorrow, and I still don't understand what the shit they talk about!
Annoying stuff!
Why do we need to hafal all those stuff?!
urghhhh! hope it'll be easy...sincerely, stressful students.
Not gonna crapping much, gotta go!
Have a fight with BIO.
Hopefully I'm the winner!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


i'm so lazy to study man!
just too lazy to think!
and i've gained some weight recently. keep eating eating and EATING cause i'm so stressful!
Plus the final exam is coming very soon! like VERY SOON!
BC tomorrow, and i haven't fully prepared! F!
Fine! Keep focusing on Bio and Add-math  these few days. #challengeaccepted
Apparently, they are the hard ones. i can't exactly get what they're crapping about! hell!
too many stuff to memorize! I hate memorize! except for those easy and FIXED stuff like MORAL!
I think Moral is the easiest subject among all of them.
You dont have to study, just MEMORIZE and it's COMMONSENSE!!!
okay! gotta go! add-math tuition later!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


tops from bangkok, green leopard-printed pants from F21 and belt from Moschino.

hope you all like it! :)