Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello, I'm back!
Must blog today because i won't do it tomorrow and wednesday.
All because of STUDYYYY!
My ass pain like hell after sitting like 6 hours!
I didn't went out yesterday. Study at home instead.
Two more days to go and I'll be WILD & YOUNG AND FREE!

Sej paper today. First, I have to thank my friends and 'someone' for giving me the tips.
or else i wouldn't be so confident...
Still, i didn't managed to complete all questions.
Cause i just focused on essay questions. essay is more important i think.
Well, it was so cool and gila that all the given tips were REAL!
Dream came true!
Now i have to face Physics. I know physics better than Chemistry.
I don't get chemi. they're so complicated! and i hate chemical equation!
You probably think that why i got so many complaints.
Fine. I know I'm bad.

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