Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Run KL 2012

I took part in WE RUN KL yesterday.
I felt freakin exhausted after that! It was fun though.
This was the first time i ran in the rain, you can totally feel cold when you're running.
10K is not an easy stuff. But i still made it to the finish line in 1 h 30 mins! #challengeaccepted
i know i'm SLOW, but you really have to try it before you judge people.
And I admit that i was LOST yesterday. Cause it was held at night!
Shitty me!
Fortunately, my name was called out by someone with mic and i was being told to head to the information counter.
Hell yea i found them!
I felt like shit when i was lost! seriously!
And they've made a joke like "we actually run for 10k, but came up 20k because of searching for you"!
Damn it! I felt guilty for that! I made them couldn't get back home early!
It was my fault, i know.
After the LOST_AND_FOUND, we get a conclusion that we must have our phone stick beside us if it is at night time. :)

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