Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Totally fucked up my Add-math paper!
I did whole day of practices yesterday, but seems like I'm just wasting my time to study those shit stuff!
Super hard man!
It's different when you do it at home and exams! HUGE different!!!
Darn it! 
I was totally BLANK that time! Got 0 idea of what the crap they were talking about!
Gosh! I felt guilty that i couldn't answer ALL of them, but just trying to copy the question.
However, I think I've tried my best. VERY best.
It's like half of the day sitting there just focusing on my Add-math.
Why add-math have to be so fucking tough!
Guess i should put more effort on it... :/

Ok, that's all i want to share. BYE! :)


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