Tuesday, October 30, 2012


okay, I cried yesterday. i know i'm suck!
You know why? yup, it was because my Physics paper 3.
I didn't read the title seriously and that was why i thought it was about Archimedes' Principle. wtf
plus, i got the tips from someone and he told us archimedes' too!
The tips he gave are pretty REAL and ACCURATE!
*Sorry my friend, it was not your fault lah! don't needa feel guilty. It was me who didn't read the paper carefully. haiyo!

So, lesson learnt!
Don't RELY on tips 100%!!! it will screwed you!
I'm so down man! Shitty me shouldn't cry that time! darn it!
Well, i don't care that shit paper anymore!
I don't wanna be upset because holiday is around the cornaaaaaaah! #1moredaytogo

saw this? haha! of course you do! lollllll
me keep talking crap!
Milano Double Choc is damn nice i tell you! SUPERBBBB!
The choc is something like DARK CHOC. it tastes a bit bitter but sweet sometimes...
i mean NOT THAT SWEET. suitable for those who have not-like-too-sweet tooth people like me!
 influenced by my sis
nah, here's how the cookies look like... NICE BOH??
omg! too yummmy!!!! i finished it in 2 hours time!!! haha! no lah! 2 days.
left 4 pieces as my breakfast. so 2 days...lollll
btw, I bought it at KLCC Isetan that sells foods one.
Got PROMOTION!!! so go and grab it NOW in a lightning speed!

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