Monday, October 15, 2012

Balik Rumah Makan Laksa!

Got home early due to PMR.
I think I manage to get a C for my BIO.
Today was all bout paper 3. i mean BIO paper 3.
That's why i could came home early without kena 'ponteng kelas'.
And this is the first time the school ends that early!
9 something can balik rumah. syoknya~
But i'm still lazy to touch any books beside me. 
Watched 'Painted Skin II' before study.
Then wait for my sister to have lunch together as well.
*laksa as my lunch!
hmm...think i'm gonna fuck my Add-math up!
but NOWAY!!!
I won't let my laziness conquers all! nahnahnah!
guess i have to say goodbye now else i wont be studying anymore :)

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