Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bukit Bintang

walking whole day long! one word for it, EXHAUSTED!
I'm not lying! We didn't even rest except for lunch and tea-time.
It's been so long that i didn't head to Bukit Bintang area, cause it's too crowded.
We always find it hard to find a parking there. Plus, so jam!!!
Stuck in the traffic jam everytime we go there.
My sis and I ate quite lots of food. like KFC, Tomyam and snowflake!
I wonder what day is today.
Cause you can see whole bunch of malays in KFC, Pav!
When I mean whole bunch, I'm not kidding!
All of the customers or hungry-monsters were malay except for us who just bought an ala-cart-doubledown were Chinese.
That means we were the only Chinese right there!!!
So kua jeong!!! Probably Pav got some events.
Watching them chilling with their buddies make me so jealous as my friends and i never meet each other about 2 months...I miss them so bad! :'(

outer from SEED, shorts from BKK.

Hello, my friend, are you still reading it?
I miss you so badly!!! Can we hang out during this longlong holiday??
Maybe get some drinks and watch movie...:D

<3 <3 <3

Darn it! don't know what's wrong with the effing lame computer!
I've tried safari and google chrome but none of them work!
At last, I found Firefox.
However, it's not like what I expected. It starting to "fade away".
I mean, those icons and links are disappear!
Idk why!

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