Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wonder if you guys ever notice why i update one post in two days.
I mean, 2 days 1 post lah....
Actually i've been busy on my study and designing.
Cause you know, i don't have much money to spend on New Clothes, so i decided just to make by myself.
I feel kinda happy lately. Cause we are having class photo shoot. :D
I'm kind of shy and low-confidence person that's why i don't like photoshooting that much.
But BEING A FORM 5 student, I can't resist to do so!!!
It's my last year studying in secondary school! sad case...
Although pj class is called off, but i still enjoy the time i spent with my peeps!

To be honest, i just taking part in 3 clubs. which are KH, Math and Pengawas sukan. 
However, i took 4 photos that day after volunteered to be in Karate Club. :D
i know i know...i know i don't even look like a karate kids, but i can still punch or smack people ok?!
I mean not that hard lah, but at lease better than SHY KEE!
she's tall! very tall! and quite good-looking yet too SOFT//EASY to be defeated! lollllll

I got lovely friends who are taller than me and clever. Humorous as well :)
took 4 photos with them. wish the photos will be printed out asap! 
I've already bought all free-style one. I don't think I posed well. cause i realised i got very small head that makes me hard to be seen! aiyo!!!! 
Last but not least, I'm the shortest one every time we queued up. sad sad sad.... 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


HELLO! Holidays are over. back to school again!
I was pretty lazy today. cause those classes are dead. ain't fun!

Needa wake up early and study half day. But today different!
Cause we are having photography session today!!!
Sighh... i thought they were going to inform us first few days before the photoshoot.
But SHIT! they NEVER! I was thinking

First thing i worried the most was my HAIR!!! and i didn't brought my SPECS!!
How?! I definitely look very ugly in there!
My hair was a mess! my eyes are small! what makes me lol was my HEIGHT!
DAMN! I"M THE SHORTEST ONE IN MY CLASS! yerrrrr! this fact hurts me so bad!!!!
Fact accepted anyway! haha! People wont see it until it's October :D yay!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Thaipusam!

Happy Thaipusam, readers!

I just went to temple to celebrate Thaipusam. It was fun and memorable actually.
Most importantly is this was my FIRST TIME celebrating Thaipusam at a temple!!!
I was pretty excited at first after knowing i'm gonna break coconuts!
Honestly, attending an event like this is actually excuses for me to make wishes and experience something i never done before.
First we were like praying. idk how to pray. Just mentioned my name, age, birthday, address and wishes.
I think i should compliment about their music performance. I think it's base-full and POWERFUL. lollll
I got even more excited when listening to their music.

breaking coconuts!!!

After washed our hands and legs, we off to our car and moved out all the coconuts!
Do you know many were them actually? well, don't get shocked ya!
WE, 4 OF US NEEDA BREAK 300 of COCONUTS!!!!! 300!
but no worries, people will help you. haha! i mean those kids. they're kind. cause they knew we couldn't finish our breaking-job in time. :D
In case you're wondering, i just broke about 12 coconuts.  :)

I didn't managed to make wishes while breaking the coconuts.
So i just do it after the coconut party. *pay back time
Oh ya! it was pouring when we were having our Thaipusam celebration.
We were all drenched! Plus, we had to take off our shoes during the entire celebration. :)
yup, great experience ever!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Korean Bun tutorial

A-yo! watssup buddy?!
Did I told you guys about my hair tutorial video before?
Yup! after some times, my video has OUT!!

My video editing skills suck! haha! because it's my first time making a video and uploading a video on Youtube!
I feel so good after watching my video being posted on youtube!
Although it's just a short one, but i tie like it all the time especially when i'm in a hurry!
I made this tutorial because those requests that my friends made. lolll!
As a friend, i can't just refuse them right.....
Fine. just watch it and learn it! haha!

you can also watch it on youtube: and subscribe me! haha! kindly click me a LIKE if you want to! :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


guess you guys know what i'm going to blog about. heh!
I've been busy these days. and i realised that i can't live without computer, camera and phone.
When i say phone, it means TOUCHSCREEN one.
I wish i own an Iphone now. or maybe Ipad?
Well, they ain't necessary to me. But DREAMS do!
If i dreamed it, i'll do it!

I can't live without dreams. I love daydreaming! 
However, you must be brave enough to chase your dreams! Don't give up!
Just do what you want, do what you like, and live like everyday is your last day!
Time flies fast, I'm getting older as well.
I don't wanna waste my time doing those crappy stuff. I wanna live my life!
No one can stops me from that! NO ONE!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Shit Happens, Always!

Sad thing happened yesterday. I woke up in the morning and simply had a strum of my guitar.
And i found out the wood between head and neck had cracked!
At first i didn't notice there was something wrong. but after a few more strums, i realised the strings were loose. then i quickly check out what was the problem.
Hell man! it broke! omg! i guess it was because of the particles in the woods or air or stuff like that vibrated.
OR the strings were too tight and the wood was too weak to handle the power of the strings. Oh ya! maybe the strings contracted in day so it gets tighter....not sure!
it just reminds me of PHYSICS! wtf

After the sad incident, my family and i off to shopping at 1u. It was kinda sad to take window-shopping 1 month or more. shitty feeling!
So sissy and i went to guitar shops and see which is best to replace my broken guitar.
Ain't DA BEST lah. But so-so. cause I'm not a pro yet.
What matter is I don't have the CASH to buy a new one.
That's why my sissy paid it for me. lollllll i still needa pay back OK?!
Pretty headache when it came to choosing part. 
Cause all of them are nice and sound perfect. and of course their price are NICE too!
Guess i have to stop crapping and show you how my new guitar looks.

It's from Morrison

Hell yeah, my choice is an ACOUSTIC GUITAR. <3

Its colour is between black and purple.

I love my guitar. and I promise i'll practice more often. plus, make a cover maybe. :)
Hope you guys enjoy it! BYE!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Car wash experience

blur image...:(

Have you ever wash a car with your bro or sister before?
Yes, I do! And trust me, it was SUPER FUN!
We plan to wash that car like very serious. But we end up like this...
I heard that fats could be burnt easily by washing a car. Now i can tell you "it's true".
Cause i felt super hungry after that water fight and car wash.
I mean i felt the time flies fast and I lost some weights!! It's a really good exercise for us actually.
We kept spraying, throwing and showering each other until our clothes were totally drenched!
And i think we all went crazy that time. we yelled, laughed, teased.... so much fun!
I don't think my neighbour like us. cause we were so noisy.
The water kept splashing towards their car. apparently, their cars were wet too. #powerofwater
This was my very first time washing a car, so it's a great experience to me. #memorable #unforgettable

If you wanna try them, just do it!
But please make sure your parents are not with you. else you'll get scolded kao-kao!
And of course the water bill can be a lil bit more expensive than last month's.
So one time a month is not encourage. but 2 or 3 time a year would be okay. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I've got no idea what to blog actually.
Had a calligraphy competition yesterday.
I think I did a good job. Most prob can get 4th place...lollll
Plus, I was in a good mood today. cause every students could get RM100 from government. 
Moreover, we dont have any class during the last 4 periods. #ifeelsogood
So we can just do what we want! like smell the cash?? wtf

Head for tuition after school. As usual, we kinda dilemma of what should we eat before the class started.
So.....after having a discussion.... the conclusion was out.
We decided to eat a bread and a cup of Ochado!
This could be my substantial-est meal ever! lollll
And i don't feel any sleepiness during the class.
Sighh....few more weeks to go and i'll quit for the bio class.
Well, i feel kinda guilty. because i just been to the class for not more than half year. damn!
I've been working out a tutorial video. will be pretty busy these couple of days.
i think it's time for me to leave. tata!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


brain wash... 

"Listen listen listen, let me speak! You know what, youre lack of pendidikan. You must learn how to respect an adult."

IKR!!! you guys definitely know what i'm talking right now. Cause twitter keeps trending and facebook keeps sharing about her! To me, she's the one who lack of education. I know we all have the right to speak but you have to LISTEN too! You said you respect her, but i dont think you do so... what i think you were HUMILIATING! why can't we compare to other countries? i know our country is considered as a SAFE country. cause we dont have tornado, sandstorm, hailstorm.......BUTTTT! in the other way, our country didn't provide enough transportation and our education is pretty low-standard compare to others. 

Well, those are just my thoughts, no offense.  And i think that woman should apologize...

kay, just a short post. hope you won't feel bored.
night! :D

Monday, January 14, 2013


Pretty busy these couple of weeks due to school activities. 
Form 5 now, which means it's my LAST YEAR in sekolah menengah. #ihatethis
I like to chill and gone wild with my friends. they're super funny!
I know i felt kinda regret and hatred this school at first, but time heals almost everything right?
It was SUCKS! Cried almost every night...

this was best to describe how i felt the time i first steps in that school...

So, school is a fun place where we can meet, talk, play, tease with them. But sometimes it'll gone wrong. I mean, school is quite troublesome for me usually. I guess we suffer quite a lot of problems when on weekdays// schooldays. Most I face the most is...

I feel sleepy like every daytime on weekdays. cause i have to beat down the alarm and wake up early in the morning. so my face basically look like this every morning...
miss blur zzzz

I don't know why i feel so sleepy lately. I think i must blame on the stairs or where my class located. I have to climb 6 floors to reach my class everyday! still, I study pure science, so i needa go to lab like 2 times a day plus a time of washroom. WTF! To be honest with you, i don't feel that sleepy last year ok! And i still can still go to toilet about 3 times! 

My friends and i are the last one who steps in the class everyday. Every time we reached 6th floor, we definitely will feel exhausted and sweating while the rest of the classes don't need to be like us! Why they have to let Form 5's students to be so tired early in the morning? WE ARE 17, considered as OLD//LKK to me. We are not 10 anymore! lolllll

I think it's quite good for us too in the other way. cause most of us are pretty lazy to hit the gym or go for a run 3days a week. *loll no offense so, maybe this is the big opportunity for us to exercise MORE. let the blood flow smoothly and intake more oxygen. wtf!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I'm searching for a Saving Account for myself. And idk which to chose.
It's kinda headache right now.
I dont have a saving account actually. So, i don't SAVE.
I think most of the teenager in my age actually face this problem and feeling lost.

i believe this problem often bother you. cause i do!
I'm broke currently. so I don't go out much, better stay at home.
If i do take shopping, i usually dont buy. (window-shopping) I just EAT. haha!
Or IF you really got no money AT ALL. just go and get free drinks and foods from jusco or carrefour. cause i did this all the time when i'm starving. SAVE MONEY.

Don't let money controls us. We must learn how to control our money before it's too late.
I mean, you can't live without money,  every single person NEEDS money to live.
SAVE NOW so you can go travel when you're retired, do anything you want, and of course ENJOY as well! Plus, lots of banks provide save-more accounts or saving goal tool for teenagers like us. it can helps you create, monitor plus and share your savings goals with friends and family too! 


tips for teenagers: if you wanna buy clothes, chose a suitable time like year-end-sales or mid-year-sales. it probably will helps you to save more, trust me! but don't get blinded by those discounted item! sometimes it cheats you! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Damn it!

Nothing much happened lately. I just can't stand with someone.
Why can't a person to be a lil bit more punctual when they already made promise?
Waited her for 40 mins till everybody has gone! teacher, either!
I was thinking what took her so long to fetch me??? wtf!
Moreover, she was super "intelligent"!
She has to fetch my bro and other 2 students back from school but we were like sandwich in the car!

Why she couldn't think twice before doing that? damn it!
Plus, that's a PROTON PERSONA! ain't ALPHARD!
So we have to squeeze! like 7 persons in a PERSONA!!! suffocating! 
I was burning that time! i think my face was black like charcoal that moment. lolllll
fine! She is she. I can't change her though!
At least i shut myself up or distance away from her. don't feel like answering her stupid questions!

gotta sleep now!
super tired!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To parents: Read it please

Kinda busy these couples of days due to school reopen.
Tuition, SPM, projects, oral, homework... all crap! Especially tuition!
Still can't decide which tuition center to go. super headache ahhh!
plus, i'm a lazy person. I don't like studying. I don't like pure science, add-math and sej.
They're extremely annoying! 

Everybody hopes to score a good results at SPM. cause it's important to our future. 
But I'm sure that most of you are taking the subs which you don't really interested in. 
Like me, I love art but science, add-math.
Moreover, lots of people don't know what's their ambition or what they WANT TO BE in the future.
That feeling is kinda SHITTY. cause we always have to follow what grown-ups/parents want us to do. That is fucking NOT RIGHT!!

To parents of the entire world: How to help kids to choose their future
Most of the time it is parents who decide for their kids, at least that was how it use to be in old times. Hence in such families things get a bit dirty and kids are left alone to decide and fend for themselves.

Does parents get the right to choose their child's future

A parent definitely gets the right to choose not entirely but to a limit as they always want the best things to happen to their children. Parents have experiences and they just want to guide their child to a correct path. This is because they want their kids to get hurt with wrong career decisions. Hence parents should definitely play a part of deciding factor in their child's future.

Children be allowed the freedom to choose their own future

Parents should definitely allow kids to make their own career choices. When parents want to be deciding factor in their child's future, they too should respect their child's interest and dreams. Kids need to follow their dreams to feel happy and confident in life.

Don't force your decisions on children

Since you would hate to see your kid ending up to the same old 9 to 5 job or back breaking research job, does not mean that you force your decisions on your child Allow your child the freedom of choosing his future by just being there for him but don't force yourself on him.

Make your child's failures his strength

This is definitely helpful, when a child decides to choose a career path which is his own decision and some or the other way fails then it is not the time to criticize him in any way but to help him understand the reasons for what went wrong.

Okay, i know most of you are not reading it. maybe just roughly scan it. Well, you don't really needa read them all. I've bold-ed the points for you so you just read the BOLD-ED worlds instead. 

That's what i found on web. So hope parents-in-the-world could understand how we actually felt when you force us to be what you want us to be. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The very 1st week of school!

The first week of school. kinda boring and tired.
I've got no idea why i felt sleep all the time even thou i slept like 7 hours a day.
Especially during pure science classes. DAMN SLEEPY!
I can even sleep without lying down. Maybe i just can't get used to it.
Wrote wrong year, wrong class and wrong form. lolll still think i'm form4.
Different classes with my friends. But i'm the one who left them.
Not ditch. some some kind of moving to another class that fits me.
To be honest with you, I miss them sometimes.
always forget that i'm already form5 and i'm already a jiejie in school.
Haha! you know what, i think it's my height make me feel so young. 
Still have to work hard although im over-aged for that.

I don't think i'm ready for SPM and i'm still in a RELAX WAY. lolll
Not saying that i dont work hard but it's hard to strike an A or A+ for pure science and add-math.
As i mentioned before, I almost failed all my add-math paper last year.
Just want you to know i'm not a complicated person.
Aim a C or B for my add-math. And I want all B no C for my SPM, alright?

Thought of having my tuition at Kasturi. Is it good???
I heard my friends say it's good. but unfortunately, it's too far away.
Fine i'll try to ask my parents permission. Maybe i'll chose Saturday?

Stay tuned and be patient! plan of making a tutorial. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

27th Golden Disk Awards!

I wonder how many of you heart bout Golden Disk Award. I think Kpop fans like me know it long long time ago. lolllll And hell yes, 27th Golden Disk Awards will be held in Malaysia!!! Plus, there are over 20 groups of world-famous K-POP artists like G-Dragon, Super Junior, Sistar, Infinite, 4Minute, EXO, Lee Hi, BAP, Epik High, Ailee, Beast, Shinee, FX, T-ara and MORE will perform on the stage for Fans in Malaysia aside from the awards ceremony. 

This will be the most exciting K-POP event for the fans in Malaysia and fans to see their favorite K-POP stars, since the Golden Disk Awards is to select the best of the best Korean artists.

Next, you can also vote for your favourite kpop artist in hoping to bring them come! I voted BigBang as my favourite Kpop music stars in 27th Golden Disk Awards. Cause I really love their music! "boomshakalaka boomshakalaka"

You can vote yours thru this website and the online voting closses 7th January 2013, so start voting NOW!!!

oh ya! Almost forget to tell you the details. 
Date: 15th-16th January 2013
Time: !9.00-22.30
Venue: Sepang International Circuit  

A ticket costs RM688 or RM999 for 2 days! You can buy the tickets at

For more info, kindly log on to :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rewind 2012!

I believe 2012 must be a wonderful year to you. Lots of things happened to me and i've tried many things as well. Let's see!


I decided to cut off my long long fringe that i've been keeping for 3 years, i think. Barber asked me to have bangs cause i have a long-typed face. I've been dilemma for long long time ago. Fringe is pretty troublesome for schoolgirl like me. you have to fix it in time, else it would be growing longer and longer.

Tried this out at my neighbor's house on last day of 2012. It's been a long time i didn't BBQ. I still remember i used to BBQ after swimming at people's condo when i was a kid. it was so fun and warm BBQ-ing beside the pool with soaking body.

#Skin care review
For those who check out my blog in time, I'm sure you mostly read about skin care product during holidays. To be honest, it's hard to write bout skin care product. I wasted lots of time on it. But i've been wanting to do this since the first month of 2012. Now i got a chance, why not i take the challenge? what matter is i wanna share how awesome and useful are them!!! you can still read them of you haven't check them out. haha! 

#New hobby
I've got a new hobby and my wish has come true!
tadaaaa! GUITAR IS MY NEW HOBBY! I wish to play guitar since when i was 13. However, me was still a student, no enough cash to buy a guitar, capo, pick...I love guitar cause i think it's super cool when you sing while strumming the guitar like those youtubers you see who have their own cover on youtube. 

2012 was ended. I'm sure we all have been thru the hard, sad, frustrated time. Lots of memories you made with your friends, family. and of course, you've changed. Maybe physical or mental? lol just saying. no offense. So, forget the sad stuffs and move on! Never give up! Let's make 2013 to be even better instead of hoping it would be awesome! :D