Thursday, January 10, 2013

Damn it!

Nothing much happened lately. I just can't stand with someone.
Why can't a person to be a lil bit more punctual when they already made promise?
Waited her for 40 mins till everybody has gone! teacher, either!
I was thinking what took her so long to fetch me??? wtf!
Moreover, she was super "intelligent"!
She has to fetch my bro and other 2 students back from school but we were like sandwich in the car!

Why she couldn't think twice before doing that? damn it!
Plus, that's a PROTON PERSONA! ain't ALPHARD!
So we have to squeeze! like 7 persons in a PERSONA!!! suffocating! 
I was burning that time! i think my face was black like charcoal that moment. lolllll
fine! She is she. I can't change her though!
At least i shut myself up or distance away from her. don't feel like answering her stupid questions!

gotta sleep now!
super tired!

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