Saturday, January 19, 2013

Car wash experience

blur image...:(

Have you ever wash a car with your bro or sister before?
Yes, I do! And trust me, it was SUPER FUN!
We plan to wash that car like very serious. But we end up like this...
I heard that fats could be burnt easily by washing a car. Now i can tell you "it's true".
Cause i felt super hungry after that water fight and car wash.
I mean i felt the time flies fast and I lost some weights!! It's a really good exercise for us actually.
We kept spraying, throwing and showering each other until our clothes were totally drenched!
And i think we all went crazy that time. we yelled, laughed, teased.... so much fun!
I don't think my neighbour like us. cause we were so noisy.
The water kept splashing towards their car. apparently, their cars were wet too. #powerofwater
This was my very first time washing a car, so it's a great experience to me. #memorable #unforgettable

If you wanna try them, just do it!
But please make sure your parents are not with you. else you'll get scolded kao-kao!
And of course the water bill can be a lil bit more expensive than last month's.
So one time a month is not encourage. but 2 or 3 time a year would be okay. :)

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