Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Thaipusam!

Happy Thaipusam, readers!

I just went to temple to celebrate Thaipusam. It was fun and memorable actually.
Most importantly is this was my FIRST TIME celebrating Thaipusam at a temple!!!
I was pretty excited at first after knowing i'm gonna break coconuts!
Honestly, attending an event like this is actually excuses for me to make wishes and experience something i never done before.
First we were like praying. idk how to pray. Just mentioned my name, age, birthday, address and wishes.
I think i should compliment about their music performance. I think it's base-full and POWERFUL. lollll
I got even more excited when listening to their music.

breaking coconuts!!!

After washed our hands and legs, we off to our car and moved out all the coconuts!
Do you know many were them actually? well, don't get shocked ya!
WE, 4 OF US NEEDA BREAK 300 of COCONUTS!!!!! 300!
but no worries, people will help you. haha! i mean those kids. they're kind. cause they knew we couldn't finish our breaking-job in time. :D
In case you're wondering, i just broke about 12 coconuts.  :)

I didn't managed to make wishes while breaking the coconuts.
So i just do it after the coconut party. *pay back time
Oh ya! it was pouring when we were having our Thaipusam celebration.
We were all drenched! Plus, we had to take off our shoes during the entire celebration. :)
yup, great experience ever!

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