Wednesday, January 16, 2013


brain wash... 

"Listen listen listen, let me speak! You know what, youre lack of pendidikan. You must learn how to respect an adult."

IKR!!! you guys definitely know what i'm talking right now. Cause twitter keeps trending and facebook keeps sharing about her! To me, she's the one who lack of education. I know we all have the right to speak but you have to LISTEN too! You said you respect her, but i dont think you do so... what i think you were HUMILIATING! why can't we compare to other countries? i know our country is considered as a SAFE country. cause we dont have tornado, sandstorm, hailstorm.......BUTTTT! in the other way, our country didn't provide enough transportation and our education is pretty low-standard compare to others. 

Well, those are just my thoughts, no offense.  And i think that woman should apologize...

kay, just a short post. hope you won't feel bored.
night! :D

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