Monday, January 21, 2013

Shit Happens, Always!

Sad thing happened yesterday. I woke up in the morning and simply had a strum of my guitar.
And i found out the wood between head and neck had cracked!
At first i didn't notice there was something wrong. but after a few more strums, i realised the strings were loose. then i quickly check out what was the problem.
Hell man! it broke! omg! i guess it was because of the particles in the woods or air or stuff like that vibrated.
OR the strings were too tight and the wood was too weak to handle the power of the strings. Oh ya! maybe the strings contracted in day so it gets tighter....not sure!
it just reminds me of PHYSICS! wtf

After the sad incident, my family and i off to shopping at 1u. It was kinda sad to take window-shopping 1 month or more. shitty feeling!
So sissy and i went to guitar shops and see which is best to replace my broken guitar.
Ain't DA BEST lah. But so-so. cause I'm not a pro yet.
What matter is I don't have the CASH to buy a new one.
That's why my sissy paid it for me. lollllll i still needa pay back OK?!
Pretty headache when it came to choosing part. 
Cause all of them are nice and sound perfect. and of course their price are NICE too!
Guess i have to stop crapping and show you how my new guitar looks.

It's from Morrison

Hell yeah, my choice is an ACOUSTIC GUITAR. <3

Its colour is between black and purple.

I love my guitar. and I promise i'll practice more often. plus, make a cover maybe. :)
Hope you guys enjoy it! BYE!

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