Saturday, January 5, 2013

The very 1st week of school!

The first week of school. kinda boring and tired.
I've got no idea why i felt sleep all the time even thou i slept like 7 hours a day.
Especially during pure science classes. DAMN SLEEPY!
I can even sleep without lying down. Maybe i just can't get used to it.
Wrote wrong year, wrong class and wrong form. lolll still think i'm form4.
Different classes with my friends. But i'm the one who left them.
Not ditch. some some kind of moving to another class that fits me.
To be honest with you, I miss them sometimes.
always forget that i'm already form5 and i'm already a jiejie in school.
Haha! you know what, i think it's my height make me feel so young. 
Still have to work hard although im over-aged for that.

I don't think i'm ready for SPM and i'm still in a RELAX WAY. lolll
Not saying that i dont work hard but it's hard to strike an A or A+ for pure science and add-math.
As i mentioned before, I almost failed all my add-math paper last year.
Just want you to know i'm not a complicated person.
Aim a C or B for my add-math. And I want all B no C for my SPM, alright?

Thought of having my tuition at Kasturi. Is it good???
I heard my friends say it's good. but unfortunately, it's too far away.
Fine i'll try to ask my parents permission. Maybe i'll chose Saturday?

Stay tuned and be patient! plan of making a tutorial. :)

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