Monday, January 14, 2013


Pretty busy these couple of weeks due to school activities. 
Form 5 now, which means it's my LAST YEAR in sekolah menengah. #ihatethis
I like to chill and gone wild with my friends. they're super funny!
I know i felt kinda regret and hatred this school at first, but time heals almost everything right?
It was SUCKS! Cried almost every night...

this was best to describe how i felt the time i first steps in that school...

So, school is a fun place where we can meet, talk, play, tease with them. But sometimes it'll gone wrong. I mean, school is quite troublesome for me usually. I guess we suffer quite a lot of problems when on weekdays// schooldays. Most I face the most is...

I feel sleepy like every daytime on weekdays. cause i have to beat down the alarm and wake up early in the morning. so my face basically look like this every morning...
miss blur zzzz

I don't know why i feel so sleepy lately. I think i must blame on the stairs or where my class located. I have to climb 6 floors to reach my class everyday! still, I study pure science, so i needa go to lab like 2 times a day plus a time of washroom. WTF! To be honest with you, i don't feel that sleepy last year ok! And i still can still go to toilet about 3 times! 

My friends and i are the last one who steps in the class everyday. Every time we reached 6th floor, we definitely will feel exhausted and sweating while the rest of the classes don't need to be like us! Why they have to let Form 5's students to be so tired early in the morning? WE ARE 17, considered as OLD//LKK to me. We are not 10 anymore! lolllll

I think it's quite good for us too in the other way. cause most of us are pretty lazy to hit the gym or go for a run 3days a week. *loll no offense so, maybe this is the big opportunity for us to exercise MORE. let the blood flow smoothly and intake more oxygen. wtf!

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