Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wonder if you guys ever notice why i update one post in two days.
I mean, 2 days 1 post lah....
Actually i've been busy on my study and designing.
Cause you know, i don't have much money to spend on New Clothes, so i decided just to make by myself.
I feel kinda happy lately. Cause we are having class photo shoot. :D
I'm kind of shy and low-confidence person that's why i don't like photoshooting that much.
But BEING A FORM 5 student, I can't resist to do so!!!
It's my last year studying in secondary school! sad case...
Although pj class is called off, but i still enjoy the time i spent with my peeps!

To be honest, i just taking part in 3 clubs. which are KH, Math and Pengawas sukan. 
However, i took 4 photos that day after volunteered to be in Karate Club. :D
i know i know...i know i don't even look like a karate kids, but i can still punch or smack people ok?!
I mean not that hard lah, but at lease better than SHY KEE!
she's tall! very tall! and quite good-looking yet too SOFT//EASY to be defeated! lollllll

I got lovely friends who are taller than me and clever. Humorous as well :)
took 4 photos with them. wish the photos will be printed out asap! 
I've already bought all free-style one. I don't think I posed well. cause i realised i got very small head that makes me hard to be seen! aiyo!!!! 
Last but not least, I'm the shortest one every time we queued up. sad sad sad.... 

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