Saturday, February 2, 2013


I guess this year would be the busiest year in my entire life!!!
Cause you know what, i needa go for tuition, homework, blog, guitar and DESIGN!!!
Gosh, because of the CNY and i'm broke, i needa create my own CNY clothes! wtf!
I spent lots of money on it okay! plan to do 6 or 7 clothes depends on the time i've got till CNY.

Today was the first day and first time went to Kasturi where at Chee Cheong Gai (KL2). In case you didn't know, Kasturi is a tuition center which is pretty famous among secondary student.
Yup, it's quite far away from my house. But as long as their teachers are good and my friends are going, I don't mind at all! :D I just want a company ....
Well, the rest-time are quite short to me. cause we needa rush every time we get out from the building.
I stay there about 9 hours this month then i'll switch to 6 hours starting next month.

What i don't like was the cashier! She's kind of rude and impolite! 
I just forgot to bring the fees, does she needs to be like this?
I mean, can you stop scolding people and show people your unsatisfied face expression???

 like this??

I know their tuition center is real good and famous. but she doesn't need to show that effing statue face to people who dont pay in the first week of the month! 
Oh c'mon! i know you have computer to do the record, dont need to scare me with that. urghhhh! whatever!
What matter was, i don't even feel any sleepy or tired during the class! miracle!!

The funiest and happiest moment was after the tuition. At first we were at a very relax mode, but after we reached the escalator which down to the train station, we saw our train was almost arrive!
Then my friend and i ran real quick to catch the train! 
If i'm not mistaken, a staff show up in the train and support us! He kept yelling "cepat cepat! lari lari!"
Omg! that would be the most embarrass moment! 
BTW, i enjoy chasing a train with my friend! It was real fun!!! and new experience!

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