Friday, February 22, 2013

Frog dissection!!!

Oh yay! I just dissected a frog!!! It was fun though! The frog was dead. every frog we bought died. sad case... i think frog is quite hard compare to rat. cause it has moist skin. and it was disgusting and nasty when you hold or touch it. I was super scared at first! I was afraid its blood capillary would burst and the blood flows out. No one wants to dissect a dead frog for first dissection right? i mean for bio peka.

Our group was the special one. cause every group has only 2 frogs but we had 3!!! so the spare one was dissected by teacher. She is real good! I couldn't even seen any fear on her. not even hesitation.  btw, the heart had stopped right after we removed it from its body. we were in rush that time so we just simply cut it out. plus the blood was bleeding so much. It was a fun and memorable experience to me.

 this group was awesome! they were fast, aggressive and accurate! future doctors.

 this is the extra one...look how big its muscle.

 its internal stuff... i know it makes you feel sick!
 its heart! but stopped pumping :(