Sunday, February 24, 2013

A day and a night with peeps!

What a busy weekends! Headed out for whole day with my friends. Actually I've got 3 events to attend that day, but i had already promised to spend the night with my friends. I think it was because that weekends were the last 2 days of CNY. Feel pretty sad bout that. I really wished to attend the party or dinner but i couldn't. I had already paid. :(

and yessss! I headed to school that morning to take part a calligraphy competition with my friends. It held at our school, so every club needs at least 3 person to take part. Well, I was on the list! Plus, i don't have anything to do in the morning.

How my calligraphy looks? was it ok?

Honestly, I'm mad about this week. cause i couldn't get enough of sleep like everyday. too busy... exam is around the corner, designing, school stuff, tuition... But i like it! as long as i'm not ALONE. as you know, i hate being alone. it's creepy and sad. or you can say, i'm not ready to be a independent girl. I mean I can, sometimes. LOL! maybe i'm a person who feel insecure all the time due to my HEIGHT? darn it!

Anyway, I went to FGS Dong Zen Temple that evening. their foods were tasted like shit and costly like hell! Suggest you try not to buy ANYTHING right there especially the foods and drinks. A fried noodles costed me 7 bucks you know! and it was just a simper fried noodles!!! FUCK! How dare they cheat people at such a pure place!

 Almost there...

 For jiunling. 关公.

 very very blurrrr image. i apologize.

 It's deer!!! they are super cuteeee!

 While we were lost...

making a wish...

Now, with eye closed of selca picture... lollll!

 Batman style!

the boys were playing games...idk wtf was that game actually.

 Oh no! Sue Li get choosen!! what a victim!

I think they felt embarrassing in front of people. pity her!

 A-Yo! wassup?!!

 CHOK mou??

 Yo! this is YORK cooling king! Trusted brand of everyone. so get a YORK today!

Guess it's my time to crush! bye! hope you guys enjoy my whole bunch of pictures! 
Goodnight! xoxo