Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting married!

Hey guys, if you're following me on instagram, you must've known that i had a photo shoot with my family!
It was a TIRED n HUNGRY day.
Cause we, girls headed to that place earlier. you know, GIRLS are complicated. *no offense*
We need make-up before heading out or put on toner, sunblock, moisturizer everyday.
Even guys need make-up nowadays!!!!

I know some of you would be a lil be SHOCKED after i posted the picture.
And i know certain of you not really like my make-up. cause it was OLD/ MATUREomg! i get older!!!!!
Actually that was NOT my idea! If i knew it earlier, I would've just make-up by my own self.
Not saying that the make-up artist's skill is suck. But honestly, i just hate it!
The powder she put on was way too much. and she could chose to use liquid foundation or BB cream instead.
I just dont get why she need to use powder. it was like old-fashioned. and it clogged my pores! wtf!
I could barely opened up my eyes when she sticked the fake lashes onto my eyelid.
Then I ended up being a Thai woman.
Not just me. EVERY WOMAN i think.

Well, what i like the most was their gown. they have pretty gown.
It was pretty hard to chose the gown that suits you.
But once you try them one by one. You'll love it!!!!!!!!
I mean after you'd found that one which suits you the most, i bet you want to try MORE.
Moreover, I felt like getting married that moment....

Last but not least, I enjoyed that moment with my family.

In case you haven't seen my picture before. let me show you.

I chosed the yellow one. cause it makes me taller.

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