Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chor Yat 2013

Happy CNY world!!! I've been blogging for a few years till now...
But... one think i dont get is my blogview. so sad...
Hmmm...maybe i'm the one who should be blamed.
Cause i often update boring posts and no picture's post.
Not like upload you my selca pic or what.

my coordinate of the day.

Well, stop crapping and straight to the point.
Today was CHOR YAT of 2013.
I don't really felt the NEW YEAR ATMOSPHERE.
My ang pao getting lesser and lesser. clothes also. money also.
sighhhhh.....what gain the most is the temperature. I'm getting tanner this year.
The weather in penang ah is really really damn HOT lehhhhh!
Plan to wear bikini next year during CNY. cheaper, easier, colder and multipurpose. lolllll.

I guess every single person will be a lil bit of HEAVY after CNY. *no offense
Cause we can't resist the temptation of foods right?!
The hot weather causes us to drink more water or ABC or COLD STUFF like ICE-CREAM;
The auntie uncle offer us foods, snacks like peanut and other fried stuff.
basically, we can't simply refuse or reject adults. it's no manners to do so right?
So i take them. and i swallowed them.
obviously, it's pretty hard to not gain some weight LIKE THIS.

firecracker all over my place!

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