Thursday, February 14, 2013


headed to HATYAI.
Ate many stuff and bought many clothes.
We spent the most in this trip compare to others.
The BBQ we eat (picture shown) is the cheapest deal to us!
cause it only costs 950baht ONLY!!!! plus, eat all you can!!
We went there during CNY so i'll be a lil more costly.
But it still considered as CHEAP lahhh. Like their TESCO.
have you been there before?
Try to visit their TESCO LOTUS next time. their stuff are super duper cheap and generous!
You should try their '猪脚饭' (pig's leg rice) and 糖水 (tongshui)!
And i bet you guys heard bout TOMYAM. ikr!
Their TOMYAM is the BESTTTTT!!!! For the one who loves spicy stuff, YOU SURE LOVE IT!!!!
Go and try them someday bah!

I should go. Bye bye!
Oh ya! One more thing,

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