Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chor2 of 2013

Went to watch PSY yesterday. It was real crowded and hot!!!
We waited pretty long at there. so basically i get tanned.
Just got off from there right after PSY finished his song. lollllll
After that, we off to meet our neighbor at tune hotel.
nothing much. just headed to some places which i NEVER been before.
I know it's quite funny that i, a half-penang person never been THOSE places.
The most memorable stuff is the WEATHER. TOO HOT!!!
Kept on sweating!

After some times (rest), we brought them to Kek lok si.
Hmmmm....my grandparents' house is pretty near to that place.
so i could see the building and the 'pu sa' every time i step out from my the house.
They seldom switch on the LED right there. I think it mostly because the total of the bill.
That's why they chose to switch'em on during CNY mah...
And i swear i NEVER been to that place! (again)
I don't have the memory about it. maybe i've forgotten or i really DIDN'T.
Kek lok so is so beautiful!!!
Cause they've got different kind of lights and statues!
Most importantly, they dont charge you ANY fees!!! i mean the entry fee.
It's a regret if you don't head there when youre in PENANG.
so GOGOGO when you're free!
Go try some foods over here!! they have better taste!! 

with my sister at Kek lok si.

Today's coordinate.

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