Friday, February 8, 2013


Done another tee themed "I want rock!"

Stayed up till 3.30 to finish my job. aha. pretty hardworking huh?
So I practically slept like 1 hour today. wtf!
I got so fed up when i was drawing this skull. The structure is real complicated lehhhh!
I would've be slept earlier if i just used a white tee.
Cause i can draw it right on the shirt with pencil or whatever.
Blame the BLACK background. i can't find a white pencil or colour pencil to draw on that shirt!!! fml...

basically, we started our journey at 4.45AM. so i had to woke up at 4.30AM!!!
I was real sleepy that time! I could even fell asleep while standing!
Btw, i fell asleep the second i get into that car. i think slept all the way to penang.
Cause i was way too SLEEPY AND TIRED!!!


  1. Super duper nice. Naughty or nice that one also nice! Claps* ;D

  2. thanks!!!! haha! i spent a lot of them on that thing!!!! the skull is my MASTERPIECE. lol!