Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nothing more to ask for!

PS: sorry for the inappropriate background

Hey guys! i'm here again! first im gonna thank god that im still alive after the tests! Basically, my life gets pretty busy by now. Homework, presentation, tests, revision...boom! all of them appear at once! well, my results wasn't that good especially my Basic Mechanical. Seems like i have to put lots of effort in it! sigh... nah, it was actually my fault cause i was so lazy and having fun most of the time! like c'mon! who the hell doesn't like to play and chill? 

I miss the time when i was working. get to earn some money and buy the things i've been longing to get, travel to a cheap place, shopping.... planned to travel once a year but it failed due to not working anymore. money is important in reality hey! 

For those who follow me on instagram may know that i had a birthday celebration few days ago. and hell yeah! this month would be the best month ever!!! received lots of gifts from friends and loved one! oh ya! plus 2 cakes! Bet the world knows i love sweet stuff although i seldom have it due to 'healthy lifestyle' prob. Anyway, i'm not REALLY that kind of person who has a strong determination especially to foods!!!! how great my life would be if i knew how to cook/make EVERY food!

talking about my 18th birthday celebration, i felt really blessed and grateful for what i;m having now! nothing to ask for more! Thank y'll who wished me, bought me gifts and willing to celebrate with me!  Lastly, i'll try to find a time to post about that big day! so, stay tuned guys! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

hate it!

sitting for tests this week. not really like test or exam. bet everyone hates it!

apparently, I'm having a busy week here! will update my dead blog if i get the chance! sorry!